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Thursday, April 16, 2009

More Booties, Stitch Markers, and Chocolate Flowers

All these spring babies are keeping me hopping, or at least my needles clicking! This pair of booties had been languishing in my UFO pile until Jill's friend had her second daughter last week. Now hopefully they are in Chicago, being worn!
Margo's Booties
Much to my delight, I discovered this Chocolate Primrose in full bloom in our backyard the other day. It was planted last summer and apparently survived the rigors of our recent winter. And just maybe, rabbits don't like chocolate?
No calories in this chocolate!
This week the mail brought a very nice surprise, these wonderful stitch markers from Dee. I can't wait to put them into use, but right now the sun is out, and I'm going outside to do a bit of gardening!
Thank you, Dee!


Anonymous said...

You're welcome. Glad you enjoy them

The chocolate primrose is really cool. I've never seen that before.

Pat said...

How cute! Everything is sooo cute from the booties to the chocolate primrose (never seen one before!)to the stitch markers! Looks like you had a wonderful day :)

Infanta said...

The booties are so tiny and cute and the flowers are so unique and gorgeous. I hope the rabbit won't eat it either so you can enjoy it for a while.

jane said...

Lucky you, what beautiful colored spring flowers you have. Here in Minnesota, we are just starting to see signs of growth. We need spring rain to green up the grass. Waiting to see if my tulip bulb gardens made it through our harsh winter. Great photos, Dick. Love the hat on Sophia. What blue eyes she has! Jane

Kathy Raker said...

I have never seen or heard of a chocolate primrose. Perhaps it liked the snow to be blooming so profusely.
Adorable booties too.

Cat said...

The chocolate primrose does look yummy! I hope it tastes nasty to bunnies.

Cute slippers!

Great gift from Dee too!

: ) C

SueR said...

Those booties are very cute, and Sohpia's Easter bonnet is the cutest one I've seen! What a cute photo of her wearing it!

Susan said...

Darling little booties. I've never seen that flower before. I just had the other kind of fattening chocolate. =)