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Thursday, February 12, 2009

"Oh, the weather outside is......"

Here's what we woke up to on Monday morning: Pretty? Yes. Warm? No. This is why we're heading south in a few days!
Inside though, my house plants aren't complaining. In fact, they are acting like it's spring. Just look at this blossom. Don't be fooled, though as it smells terrible!
Look at the new bud on my cactus! My neighbor Kathy gave me this plant a long time ago, and it's doubled in size. Every year it ususally blooms, but now it appears to be sprouting an appendage.
Sprouting an arm?
I can't wait for my sister to see this one. She gave me some cuttings for this plant during the summer of 2006, and now two years later it's blooming. As this bud matures, its little "mouth" opens, giving it the look of a goldfish blowing bubbles.
A great name, I think!
Goldfish Plant
Yesterday morning, the snow was almost gone, and Dick took this photo of the setting moon.
Winter Moon


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures.

This has been a very odd year for my plants. The pencil cactus has taken off. I'll have to cut it back soon because it has grown so much it can't hold itself up.

The orchids are blooming out of season. Very strange. I think it all started with a very cool autumn and then a warm winter.

It tricked the plants into thinking spring had come already.

Enjoy your trip!

Wendy said...

To my dear friend,
Wow!!! Your plants are beautiful (so is your knitting and grandchildren!!!). I can't wait until we have some pretty weather and stuff starts blooming. I have a couple of basil in the house but, of course, it doesn't bloom. But it does smell nice so that helps bring a little Spring into our cold desert. haha.
I don't have anything new on my blog because I have been working so hard to finish Rebekah's quilt by her birthday in May. But I will post something soon.
Have a wonderful day.
Big Hugs,

Kathy Raker said...

Your plants are wonderful, a nice way to push Spring a little quicker. Don't your cats bother your plants? I only have one plant and it doesn't flower. I think it's time for a new one which flowers. :)
In case you didn't get my last email, have a wonderful and safe trip to where it's sunny and warm.

JessicaSews said...

Snow! This is the time that I stand in front of the calendar and I repeat things like, "Winter is pretty much over". Then I walk to the window and view the snow moguls
in our yard!!
Those are great plants. I love sharing plants with my sister and friends/neighbors. This year's winter did a lot of damage to our shrubs, I think most of them are going to get cut to 6" and we'll pray that they are okay. I don't buy annuals anymore, but this year I think I'll have to. I'll need some color in the yard.

Enjoy your getaway!

Cat said...

I hope you are going far enough SOUTH to get out of this dreadful weather! We are having a very snowy weekend here.

Wave as you go past Utah!

Your flower blooms are lovely, and the socks in your last post are absolutly delightful! Your granddaughter is too!

Lapplisor said...

Dear Judy
You show wonderful plants here.
I understand, how pride is you over its prospering.
Your sister will be astonished…

I wish you a beautiful Valentins day and Thanks for your nice comments.

Linda Vincent said...

I have seen a hoya plant before - the flowers are like wax. they almost don't look real if I remember rightly.
Well our snow has finally gone after about 3 weeks of horrible weather in England. Hope thats it now, roll on spring! Enjoy your trip Judy.....
Love Linda

Rian said...

With all those socks you knit at least your feet will be warm.