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Friday, November 21, 2008

Cannon Beach Getaway

Last week, since we didn't have to sing on Sunday, we spent a long weekend at Tolovana in Cannon Beach, Oregon. The weather was amazingly balmy, better than any previous trip. Due to the high tide, we couldn't walk out to Haystack Rock, but we did have fun exploring new places. Bridge to Washington
The Astoria Tower is on a high hill overlooking the Columbia River and affords some great views in all directions. The tower, temporarily closed for repair, is an interesting structure which tells the history of Oregon through beautiful scraffito carvings.
Astoria Tower
The mouth of the Columbia is a dangerous place. A plaque says that over 2000 ships met disaster in its currents. The rusted remains of the Peter Iredale which was beached in 1906 can be seen poking up through the sand.
Peter Iredale
We took lots of walks on the beach and even encountered a little girl in a bathing suit who was rock-collecting. My rock-collecting attire included a hooded jacket!
Rock Collecting
The tide was too high to walk on the beach at Hug Point, but we were treated to a beautiful view of the trees in the sunlight instead.
Hug Point
Without the distractions of technology, we also get a lot accomplished in the evenings....the Christmas card envelopes are stamped and addressed, and I finished several projects and a book! And oh yes, there's a great quilt shop and a yarn shop in Cannon Beach, my idea of an ideal place to visit! Four days weren't nearly long enough!


Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Hey Judy! Looks like you had a lovely long weekend. Just don't tell me that one of the projects you finished was the penguin block of Lynette's BOM cos then I'd be behind!! Tee! Hee! Hee! Madly trying to write instructions for a magazine project that has to be sent next week and a secret Santa swap that has to be sent this week - why do I do this to myself?!?! Bear Hugs! KRIS

Lapplisor said...

A beautiful short visit you made, Judy.
you show very beautiful pictures of the trips, while the first snow came here :-)
I wish beautiful weekend to you ♥☼♥Barbara♥☼♥

Susan Elliott said...

Sounds wonderful...I especially like the shipwreck and the pic from Hug Point...oh yeah, and the bridge is cool too!

Jane said...

Geez, Judy... that car of yours is going to be ready for some new tires after this years travels, LOL! What great shots you've shared with us... Hug Point pic is postcard material

Barbara C said...

Beautiful pictures--each one is lovelier than the one before. That wrecked ship is striking, as is the sunlight through the trees.

Cat said...

Beautiful pictures and it sounds delightful. I love Cannon beach area. Your post makes me miss the coast!

kamlavati said...

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