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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Life Out Back

Even though summer days are getting shorter as August heads toward September, lots of things are going on in our backyard. This little guy is a regular visitor to our bird feeder. He is so cute and so busy.
We've had some interesting flowers blooming also. This is one of my favorites.
White Balloon Flower And this one which is out front.
Blue Balloon Flower
Even the black-eyed Susans finally have bloomed; I guess they've forgiven us for mowing them last year!
As always, the hydrangeas are beautiful. Each year I bring some inside to dry them so we can enjoy them all year long. These blooms have the faintest tinge of pink, testifying to the fact that they were once pink when originally planted. Our soil is so acid that they only stayed pink for one season.
Hydrangea Bush
And here's the latest shot of the midnight marauders. Lately, especially during the heat last week, we've had to put out water for the raccoons because otherwise they try to climb the water fountain and scatter the rocks everywhere. They are so cute but also noisy and sometimes very mean.
Double Trouble
We also have lots of marigolds, petunias, fushias and the like, but I especially like this one because it was my MIL's favorite. Each year when it blossoms it reminds me of her. Here it is as it unfolded. Isn't it fun the way certain plants bring back fond memories?
Pincushion Flower
I hope you enjoyed touring out back!


Barbara C said...

What great photos! Those raccoons sure are cute (though I know what pests they can be).

Cheryl said...

Those raccoons are just too cute! I had a friend who actually raised them for the DNR when the mom was killed or absent. She used to have to get them out of the bathtub to take a bath!

Lapplisor said...

You inserted so beautiful pictures - do you have a new camera?
The " Waschbären " look cosy, them are also in Europe at home.
♥☼♥ Barbara ♥☼♥

Wendy said...

Such beautiful flowers. Can you believe that fall is just around the corner? It seems like just yesterday everyone was longing for spring.

Ele said...

Hi Judy,

so wonderful nature pictures of your beautful garden, I enjoyed very much!

Whish you a nice and creative weekend and send you all my best


Fünfzigerjahremädel said...

Judy,that are wonderful pictures! We also have the nuthatch in our garden! It's a very busy bird,whitch runs up and down the tree the whole day!And your hydrangea bush is an eye catcher!!!! I like this Blue very much!Thank you for the view in your garden!
Have a nice weekend,Ulla

Linda Vincent said...

I loved looking at your wonderful photos Judy - especially the raccoons! I can't imagine what it must be like having THOSE in your garden!!!! The most fun we get is a couple of fighting squirrels who do judo throws on each other. Hilarious!
Love Linda x

Rian said...

Great photos! The hydrangeas are stunning--mine are kind of a creamy white-pink. I love the blue. And the color of the pincushion flower is a little bit of heaven. Lovely!

samplerlover said...

Hi Judy, thank you for your lovely comments regarding my blog.
My, that was a trip around the world. You are in the US, Barbara is in Sweden and I am in Australia. Amazing.
Love your 2 little friends. I have always loved scabious, they are such a beautiful flower. My garden is full of camellias at the moment and they always remind me of my Mum. I feel that she is watching over me. = Sandra.

Jeanne said...

Your flowers are beautiful! I know the racoons are trouble with a capital T, but they sure are cute.

Cat said...

I like the Pincushion flower too - it is so delicatly colored.

And look at that pesky duo of racoons! At my last home my last JRT treed a coon - he was so exicted!

The Hydrangea is gorgeous, as are all your flowers.

We were suppose to leave today to go to Mount Hood on our motorcycles... our first big bike trip since we moved... but sweet Annie changed our plans.

Lelia said...

I luv your photographs. We have lots of racoons out here, too. When they are irritated they sorta growl at each other & snort. It is quite an odd noise they make; however, they get their point accross in a hurry. I steer clear of them.

Pat Winter Gatherings said...

I love your nature photos. We have raccoons that try to live in the barn,but they have to fight with my DH about residency. So far Dh is winning. You are a great photographer. Loved seeing your trip photos and that waterfall was just breathtaking. I remember them on our many trips to Canada as a young girl.I was always amazed at how powerless I felt listening to the sound of so much water pouring over a cliff.