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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Kathy's CQ Heart

Sometime last spring, Kathy and I decided to do a heart exchange where each of us would piece a heart, embellish half of it, and then exchange it for the other person to finish. After we stitched the remaining half, we'd return it home. Well, Kathy's heart arrived, along with some beautiful hand-dyed lace pieces and a couple of charms, while we were driving around California and Oregon. That was a very nice surprise, and I've already used the beautiful butterfly on Sophia's bonnet.
Kathy's Half-done Heart
Since I had taken my heart with me and had even worked on it in the evenings, I worked like crazy on hers and sent both of them, plus a few goodies, to her. Just the other day, she sent an email saying she'd received them and better yet, was happy with what I'd done to her heart. As other CQ bloggers have said, you really can learn a lot from studying another person's work! It will be fun to see what Kathy comes up with on my heart.
Kathy's Heart as Returned
To see the details better, you might want to double click on the photo.


Wendy said...

oooo these are stunning!!! And thank you so much for your sweet compliments. The fairy is tink and I am not sure what you call the stitch I use, so sorry. I just start going crazy trying to get it all filled in. I think it might be the stem stitch.
Again, the hearts are so beautiful.

Jeanne said...

The heart is gorgeous! The butterfly is wonderful. I love all of the ribbon embroidery. You did such nice stitches. What will you do with the heart when you get yours back?

Linda Vincent said...

These are so beautiful - and what a wonderful idea! Looking forward to seeing what you do next.
Linda x

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful idea, they are going to be really special .
Love from sesga xx

allie aller said...

What a pretty heart!
Love seeing those oya flowers on there, too... ;-)

You asked how I got the blue beads on my edging...they were pearls with holes on them and I just sewed them on there....I always love the pearls!

Rian said...

Hi Judy, thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving your sweet comment. xoxo Rian

Jane said...

Blogger was hicupping again and lost the comment I just wrote.. Oh well.
Your work on Kathys heart is very pretty... the SRE was the right touch... can't wait to see yours on its return.

Ele said...

Hi Judy,
what a pretty heart is this! I like the colours and the fabrics you took for it.
Looking forward for the next

Gabriele with hugs and kisses

Connie said...

Your work looks very intresting!
I´ll never saw that before.
Thanks a lot for your nice comment on my blog !
You are the first blogger, you do that from USA :-)


Lynn Majidimehr said...

Love the work you did on Kathy's heart! Thanks for visiting my blog, I'll try to post more about the lace soon - you're close enough I could show you in person sometime.