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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Introducing Big-Beak Duck!

All those pieces from my earlier post go together to make.....a duck! The directions for the beak said, "approximately 48 rows" which is, in my opinion, too many but, hey, it did turn out pretty cute anyhow. Ducky directions as well as instructions for 23 other toys can be found in Knit a square & make a toy from Cole's Home Library Craftbooks. It was nice to find a way to use practice squares!
Big-Beak Duck


Gail said...

Oh Judy, he/she is so cute. What a fun lead in to spring, a baby duck.

Ele said...

Hi Judy,
that is the solution to the riddle, a sweet duck!
Have a nice sunday Gabriele

Fünfzigerjahremädel said...

Judy,your little duck is so sweet! it's a very nice gift for a child!-
I have three birds and now I must stitch the autumnbird! And then I have to decide,whether I will make a pillow or ornaments! I don't know at the moment!
Wish you a good night,Ulla

Lapplisor said...

Hi Judy
I did not work also ever on completely black linen.
One can take for this Sampler gladly an unbleached clay/tone...
We need our eyes still * lol *
Your duck you very beautifully succeeded - you are totally versatile with your work.
That pleases me much!
Take care Barbara

silvia said...

Your duck is very nice and you to are be much skillful one in preparing it!
good morning!

Terri Lee Takacs said...

Thanks you for visitung my blog Judy! This duck is SO cute ~ one of these days I will learn how to knit! Happy Spring!