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Thursday, February 7, 2008

American Hero Quilt

Our quilt group is participating in the American Hero Quilt project and making a quilt for a returning soldier hospitalized at Madigan here in Washington. Shirley designed the quilt which is to be made of Sawtooth Stars. Well, the flying geese part fought me all the way, so Irene showed us how she does it. ( Susan Nixon told me that she uses Eleanor Burns's ruler.)


Ele said...

Dear Judy,
how nice that your quilt group participates a social project like this. It is good, when one his hobby for these purposes can use. I think you get so much gratitude from the people back.
Even a nice evening and many greetings to you from Bavaria

Lapplisor said...

Hi Judy,
we meet many US of people in Sweden
- it gives about 30km removes a business with something yarn, but 50km removes a wonderful Patchworkshop :-) I have usually everything from Germany thereby, only materials buy I locally.
Your new project is a beautiful idea. In addition one learns in this way again something in addition :-) The flying geese to sew, me also my friend showed... now loves I her to work.
Take care Barbara

SH Sue said...

Judy - The block we used is called Balkan Puzzle. It is on quilters cache. I also like your star. We actually live close to each other. i am in South Hill, Puyallup. My fibromyalgia clinic is in Bellevue. sue

Gail said...

Judy, very cool that you and your group are doing a quilt for AmHero. I have had the honor of quilting some of the beautiful quilts for them. A very good project to be a part of.

Susan said...

Well, you're right. I wasn't on here. I don't know where I went. LOL! This is going to be a beautiful quilt top. I love the bright colored blue.