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Thursday, December 3, 2020

It's About Time That I Posted, Don't You Think?

 Where does the time go? We are fine, but it seems like the days slip by without me posting or reading any blogs.  Our days seem to be busy with lots of walks (even in the rain!) and lots of Christmas knitting on my part.  Hope all is well with each of you in this crazy time! And now I'm noticing lots of changes on Blogger.

Yesterday was was exceptionally clear.  Do you recognize this snowy mountain?

It's not always clear weather here though.  Here's the view from another recent walk! The city in the distance is downtown Seattle.

On a recent walk in the nearby woods, we were amazed to see all these mushrooms. This tree was covered with them!

Two finished projects!

On these chilly days, Ginger loves this spot under the computer right on the register when the furnace is running.

Well, it's almost lunch time and then more knitting to do, so I will sign off and do some catching up here soon.  Stay well my friends!


Wanderingcatstudio said...

Great socks!
Mom just sent me a picture of her cat sleeping on the register. My poor cats are deprived, we only have baseboard heaters.

Debbie said...

Nice to hear from you again! I love those kitty socks. How cute are they? We have a heat pump so nothing warm comes out of our registers. My poor kitties don't have any place to go to warm up. My daughter's cat sleeps on her cable box to stay warm so they bought her a heated bed but she prefers the cable box.

Dee said...

Good to see you back in Blogland. Yes, Blogger made a bunch of changes and, in my opinion, not all for the better.

Wishing you and Dick a very happy Advent season.

Happy knitting.

kathy b said...

SO so happy to see you blogging I LOVE YOUR CAT SOCKS!

Stay well. Glad to see you are moving and active and getting fresh air.

We have been pretty lucky with warmer than normal weather. Even yesterday when we Hiked, it was 33 but pure sunshine and low winds. SO it was very comfortable. Until we met hunters...4 times.

Betsy said...

There you are! I was wondering where you had gotten too. Just a busy lady. I'm glad you're keeping busy on walks. I was walking Chloe a lot until this week and now there is a lot of black ice on the roadways around the campground. Now it's pretty much just down the road to do her business and back again! Even that short of a distance I almost fell twice this evening. That doesn't bode well for the winter does it?
Those cat socks are so cute and the others are very pretty too.
Love the photo of your kitty on the heat vent. Chloe lays in front of our electric fireplace as it puts out a lot of heat too.

Juliann said...

So good to hear from you. I am out walking every day and hoping to keep up with that. And sock knitting is my new yarn adventure. It feels slow and clumsy but I love the idea.

karen said...

hello you! I love your kitty socks :)

Delighted Hands said...

Time sure is on hyperspeed , isn't it?! the scenic shots are gorgeous! Socks--great pairs and so very different-fun!

Mereknits said...

The cat socks are the best and I don't even have a cat. I don't even knit socks but suddenly I want to cast on. Stay safe.