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Monday, October 1, 2018

Happy Socktober!

Wow!  Somehow September escaped with hardly any posts from me.  I will try to do better this month but am not making any promises. I've been diligently working on a few projects with a deadline, but I did manage to finally complete two UFOs.  I finished two pair of socks that didn't get posted then, but isn't Socktober a good time to do so?

The cross-overs in this pattern drove me nuts.  You can see the fronts of the socks on the pattern page, and if anyone has any tips on the cross-over, I'd love to hear them!  I really love the Cascade Heritage yarn in this color.

I finished these with yarn that was supposed to make a matching pair. It came pretty close, but what interested me was the way the pattern (Solar) affected the stripes.  I am tempted to try again with a different stripey yarn to see if the same thing happens, but since there are other things waiting in the wings, I will try to be good and refrain.

This cute little guy is wearing the angora booties made just for him!

Recently we went to the Issaquah Farmers' Market and tried "marbling" at my friend Debbie's booth. It was really fun, and the finished scarf was sent off to our daughter in Chicago for her birthday.  I haven't heard whether she likes it, but  If you ever get a chance to try this process, do it!  You can see more pictures at Marmo Silks on Facebook.

On the home front these two were in our backyard at 8:30 AM last week. If you look closely, you can see the pale-colored deer's little horns. They didn't stick around long though.

These two continue their Peanut Wars, and both put on a pretty convincing act. My friend Becca was able to catch Squirrely's plea. (Not only is she a good photographer, she also crochets beautiful things!)  Did you know that the blue jays can swallow a peanut, shell and all, without choking? It's amazing to witness!

Have a great week!


Araignee said...

That scarf is amazing. I've heard of this technique but never seen it. Wow. Just wow.
That yarn you asked about is Sugar & Cream in the Leaves Ombre colorway.

Anonymous said...

The marbled scarf is BEAUTIFUL.

Betsy said...

I really like both pairs of socks and your little model is the cutest thing ever. He looks quite happy with his booties. That is a beautiful scarf. I had never heard of doing that before. Happy October!
Blessings, Betsy

Tired Teacher said...

Marbling is a fun technique. I'm guessing you had someone help you place the scarf in the water to get that design. The scarf is beautiful.

kathy b said...


I did not know jays could do that! Wow. They miss the fun of chewing. !!!
Your socks are amazing.
I LOVE THE scarf. I will try that technique if offered the opportunity! WOW.
I always love to see a baby wearing my gifts! Or an adult for that matter!

Great to see you post. I love your posts!

Sharon said...

I am in love with the pair of blue socks.

karen said...

pretty socks!! I figured you were busy the past month but it was a good busy and that is totally fine!!

kathy b said...

Oh and Judy, I love love love your hair in that photo with the scarf!

elns said...

Such fun! I tried to do a sock pattern once with a spiral and it just about made me insane, I had to stop.

The socks are so fun. I love the colors.

The first place I lived after I moved out was with a family and we had peanut wars between a jay and a squirrel (we named Perry). It was fascinating to watch. The Jay was very mean.