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Sunday, August 26, 2018

Finally, a Post!

August seems to be disappearing all too quickly, I guess because we've been busy.  It's also been rather strange lately because we've had a number of very smoky, hazy days thanks to the fires all over the PNW.  We even found ash on our car after visiting a friend!  Dick took this photo of the "sun" before we headed home.

Before the smoke arrived we ventured to Sunrise, a entrance to Mount Rainier that we'd never seen despite all our years here.  It's beautiful!

We chatted with a fun couple from Germany and then walked down the trail a ways where we saw a bit of wildlife: 

a checkerspot butterfly (I think)

and this little guy.

Then we helped Little Miss celebrate her 5th birthday.

Besides the sweater from my last post, I finished this cat scarf for her which had been in my stash ever since I made one for her cousin a few years ago.

That cousin received this butterfly and cocoon for her August birthday. (If you've not made a pattern by Susan B. Anderson, you should as they are fun.)  Soph's request list came late, but I am now working on something else that topped her list. Stay tuned on that.

Speaking of critters, this buck recently appeared in our backyard which activated our motion light and woke us.  After snacking on some of our flowers, he went out front to continue his pruning assignment before wandering up the street. (The photo probably would have been clearer had DH taken time to put on his contacts! However, a clearer photo might not have happened at all then!)

Have a great week!


Araignee said...

That cat scarf makes me so happy!!!

Anonymous said...

It's almost like that chipmunk POSED for you!

Happy birthday to Stella. Hard to believe she is that old already. I remember when you were waiting for her to be born.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Great pictures, cute projects!

Tired Teacher said...

❤️ the cat scarf - the colors are as fun as the scarf itself!

kathy b said...

Stella , such a cute gift for her. I should make one. Im bad at those tiny things and details on the face...
Oh those cameras.> We get such a kick out of ours! Hope PNW is over with its the sun photo though

Betsy said...

These grandkids are growing way too quickly aren’t they? Today is our first day without smoke in weeks. We are actually getting our first drizzle of rain in over 2 1/2 months! I’m loving it. That cat scarf is just too cute. Now I’m thinking Miss Piper would like one. Great pictures at MountRainier and of you’re visiting wildlife. Blessings, Betsy

Gracie Saylor said...

Just enjoyed catching up on your travels and projects, Judy! The scarf and butterfly in this post are so sweet. Thanks for sharing! Like Betsy, we got a bit of rain yesterday and this morning, and we are glad to be smoke free as well near Mt. Hood. Hope you have a great week, too!

Sharon said...

The cat scarf is darling as is the butterfly. I'm guessing they went over really well with the kids. I enjoy watching what you're making.

karen said...

I am loving that cat scarf! how cute it is!!! Looks like you've been busy and having lots of fun!

elns said...

So much good stuff!!

I love that picture at the entrance of Mount Ranier! Just beautiful.

I love that little chipmunk? photo as well. Lots of cute small things human and for humans too hehe.