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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Finally a Post!

Wow, I don't think I've ever gone almost a month without posting anything!  And I've not been very good at keeping up with everyone else's posts either.  It's been very busy here though.  I have a few projects completed but can't share them till after Christmas, but I can
update you on a few things.

Last month we watched our youngest grandson sing as his school glee club honored veterans.  It was a fun, inspiring morning!

I finally finished this aged UFO but won't reveal how long ago it was started.  Maybe I'll even wear it next summer?

On the Friday before Veteran's Day weekend, a friend and I attended the Block Party Quilters' annual show.  This small quilt was done by a talented friend in our small quilt group.

There are way too many other photos for one post, but this one was one of my favorites and appropriate for the season. 

This little tank top hopped off my needles just in time for our littlest grand daughter to wear it in their annual Christmas photo with Santa.  (This year is the first photo where both kids were smiling, not crying, and I'm sure Santa appreciated that!)

Every year in Seattle there's a display of gingerbread "houses".  And every year the creations have been more elaborate and less like houses.  This year's theme was "Seattle Then and in the Future". ( Donations are given to support research for Juvenile Diabetes.) We never fail to be amazed at the creativity.  Here are two of our favorites:

Can you even imagine the amount of flour, sugar and candy are used in these?

Well, that's about it for now.  I will show the rest of my completed projects next week.  For once one of my Christmas cacti plants  looked at the calendar and is blooming right on schedule!

Happy Holidays!!

PS  The other thing that kept us very busy was preparing for our choir program on the third Sunday of Advent.  Have a listen if you wish.


Betsy said...

My goodness you have been busy! Those gingerbread “houses” are amazing. Maybe I should call them creations instead!! Your completed UFO is so pretty. I like the detailing in the middle. And what a sweet vest for your grand to wear to see Santa I hope you have a very wonderful and Merry Christmas my friend. I’ll look forward to seeing your other projects after Christmas.
Blessings always, Betsy

Tired Teacher said...

The two sweaters are wonderful - is the reindeer duplicate stitch?

Hearing children sing with gusto warms my heart.

Anonymous said...

You've been very productive and busy!!!

Your friend's quilt is gorgeous!!!

Wishing you and Dick a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Tanna said...

No wonder you haven't had time to post, Judy!! I love. love. love. that little reindeer vest! We need to see the Santa photos. :) Isn't it wonderful to be inspired? And, you're inspiring, too! Merry Christmas, Judy! blessings ~ tanna

Araignee said...

You always amaze me with how much you get done!
Those gingerbread creations are astounding. That reminds me. I need to make some myself.
Thanks again for the scarf. Only a knitter can appreciate how nice that was. I will cherish it!!!

kathy b said...

All great photos and great fun Judy. OH that vest with the Reindeer is AMAZING lady!!! LOve it.
Wish your family the best from me please!

Mereknits said...

Merry Christmas Judy! That vest is wonderful. I just love it. I can't even imagine those gingerbread creation. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas.

Merry said...

Hi Judy, so great to see you in blogland. I have been the same not around much but keeping very busy. I love all your photos, I think I said wow to all of them. Love the quilting and those gingerbread creations are just amazing. How cute is that little tank top. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

elns said...

It's a busy time of year and you share, whenever you can, and we're happy :) Glad you and the cutest glee club ever are doing well.

That Christmas vest has me swooning. I love it, I want to knit one for my friends next year! adorable.

Guess what?!? Our Auntie gave us a our own Christmas Cactus this year! My husband assures me he'll keep me from killing it!

Happy Holidays!

karen said...

love the reindeer sweater :) your cactus is looking good! I think I loved mine by too much water....maybe.