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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

A Productive Time Away

We took a little getaway over the past weekend, and it was relaxing and fun.  This time of year can be a bit crazy with all the holiday preparation, so we appreciated our three days at Cannon Beach in Oregon.  The weather was less than stellar, so I even completed some knitting projects!

The clouds and rain did stop long enough for us to see this beautiful rainbow.  Do you suppose that there really was a pot of gold in the water?  It was hard for us to believe that last summer during low tide we were able to walk right out to Haystack Rock.  During this visit, we couldn't even get close!

High tide almost covered the sand completely.

Can you see how powerful the water and wind can be?  These huge logs along with lots of sand have been tossed up onto the walkway to the beach.

These are just a few of that rabbits that frolic on the Tolovana property.  We watched a woman feeding them organic carrots, so I imagine they will stick around, don't you agree?

When we weren't roaming the beach, visiting yarn shops, or the bakery, I was knitting or writing Christmas cards.  The above booties are for a friend who's expecting her first child in January.

It was fun to make this Almost Lost Dishcloth from holiday-colored yarn purchased ages ago.

This pair of mittens was made on straight needles although I did the thumbs on dpns because I was tired of seaming.  I'd have to say dpns for mittens wins, hands down!

If you've never made one of Rebecca Danger's patterns, you need find one to try. They are fun and will make you smile every time you see them!

*Just to clear up the confusion on the cake in my last post:  there was just ONE cake.  The pastry chef changed the number upon the direction of the waitress as Dick made some sort of comment that he couldn't possible be 75.  If you look closely, you can kind of see the stem of the 7.  Apparently the 25 wasn't quite " it" either, and that infamous number soon became a 15!  As to who sampled the cake before we got to DD's house, that shall ever remain a mystery.  Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

Oh those sweet bunnies! Organic carrots, eh? I'd say they might be a little bit spoiled!

Tired Teacher said...

What a great place to get away, even with cloudy and rainy weather. Love the bunnies: I think they'd hang around even if they didn't get carrots.

Nice knitting projects!

Betsy said...

We love the Oregon coast. Usually we head to Lincoln City. We were supposed to be there in October, but my health took a nosedive and we had to cancel. Love your photos. The winter storms are amazing to behold. We've seen the water reach almost to our hotel at times. Love those little bunnies too. They're pretty smart to hang around for organic carrots! :-) Your projects are wonderful and I agree, dpn's for mittens all the way!

karen said...

what a fun time away and I love your cake story. My mom stayed 29 yo, it was a running joke :)

Araignee said...

Look at all those bunnies!
I still want that cake. It gets better looking every time I see it.

Anonymous said...

You MUST have spent a lot of time inside, or be the fastest knitter ever to get all that done! Beautiful rainbow picture. Is the beach eroding?

Caffeine Girl said...

That rainbow is spectacular!
I made one Rebecca Danger project, and I agree, they are great patterns!
I would never seam a mitten. Way to lazy for that!

Mereknits said...

Glad you got away for a few days to relax. Love the story about the cake. No way would I go back to 25!

kathy b said...

Bunnies! Wheeee.
I liked my version of the cake story better. I think someone getting Dicks 7th cake would be hysterical! Glad you had a nice trip away

Crazee4books said...

Hello Judy,

Gosh, I love those pictures of Haystack Rock! So beautiful. I have a thing
for rainy, stormy scenes so these pictures really grab me. You have to
admit that the rain really makes nature's colours POP!! And that rainbow
is stunning!! Amazing how high that water level is. No strolls along the
beach unless you've got hip waders or a row boat.

Love those bunnies ... all in a row. Organic carrots? Really? Spoiled
bunnies. They look to be a good size so I'm assuming the organic
carrots are doing them some good though.

Your knitting projects are lovely, especially that fuzzy pair of booties.
and I don't know what that critter is suppose to be but he is pretty
darn cute!!!

I approve of the cake alteration. You're as young as you feel.

Ah, Downton Abbey. Half way through and I can't leave it alone.
Tried Call the Midwife too and it's good as well but not quite as
... um .... riveting as Downton Abbey. Love Maggie Smith in it!


Teresa in Music City said...

What a marvelous rainbow!!!! Your post made me long for the coast - any coast! It's been so long since we've been able to visit the ocean. So glad you were able to enjoy it for a bit :). Love all your sweet gift knits!!! I've never heard of doing mitts any way except with dpns - can't imagine the finger gymnastics required for using straights.

Katherine said...

Your photos of the water, especially covering the beach, took my breath away! The bunnies on the lawn are so cute. Our son-in-law's mom lives in Canada and she woke one morning a few months back to find at least a dozen bunnies on her lawn. She called everyone in the family to tell them, "There are rabbits on my lawn! Lots of rabbits." That birthday cake was a "happening" cake!