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Friday, April 29, 2016

Finally Some Finishes and More Flowers!

At last I have a couple of finished projects to share: a sun hat for Stella and a cowl.

This pattern appealed to me because it's adjustable. I added the felt flower and a little charm that I found at Rainy Day Knits in Gig Harbor. The yarn is Cascade Sunseeker and has a bit of sparkle that doesn't show up in the photo.

I first saw this cowl pattern on Dee's blog and finally tried it. For some reason I found it a bit challenging but would make it again in a heart beat!

For some reason it looks blue but is really a silvery gray in Knit Pick's Galileo.  I had quite a bit of yarn left, but used more than one skein.

After the gray days of winter, our yard is full of color.  (Notice that the leaves have been raked up!)

Here's a close up of the Mollis azalea.  Unlike the red azalea above, it loses its leaves in the fall.

Out back, the trillium has turned pink and is about done for this spring, but the golden chain tree will soon be in its glory. Stay tuned.

And in our living room, the hibiscus surprised us!  As soon as it's done blossoming, it will be sent outside for its annual summer vacation.  Have a wonderful weekend! Check out Patchwork Times for some more knitting inspiration.


Caffeine Girl said...

I just love all the colors in this post!
I've been looking at some Sunseeker on sale at my LYS and it sure worked well in the hat. The sparkle does show up in the close-up.
The flowers are all so wonderful. Spring is very late in coming here so I'm enjoying sharing others' spring flowers!

Araignee said...

Oh, that hat!!!! It couldn't be any cuter!

Merry said...

The hat is so pretty and the lovely felt flower finishes it so nicely. What beautiful flowers in your garden….love the pink/red azalea …what a show.

Mereknits said...

Your knitting is lovely as usual and those flowers are just gorgeous. Enjoy your weekend,

Anonymous said...

Little Stella's hat is adorable and that flower and charm are just PERFECT!

I found Pretty Thing a bit of a challenge too, but once I conquered it, I felt so SMART!!! LOL Your Pretty Thing is beautiful. That's the color of the first one I made. I gave that one to a friend.

Now I need to make one for ME!

Crazee4books said...

Hi Judy,

What a joy it is to see spring in full bloom somewhere ... even if it's not yet here.
Your garden is so very beautiful and I love seeing pictures of what is blooming at
any given time. The delicate foliage of spring provides a lovely backdrop to the
vibrant colours of all the different flowers. Oh, hurry up spring and come back
to Ontario!!!!

I love seeing the pretty patterns that emerge from the creations on your knitting
needles Judy. It's lace made with wool. The cowl is so beautiful ... and puts me
in mind of a corset. Really.

The hat is sweet too. And I love how the orange and pink merge so nicely together.
You can just make out some of the sparkle in the close up picture. And the felt
flower is a nice accent. Lucky Stella. She'll look adorable in this.


kathy b said...

Oh Judy. The lace cowl is beautiful. Great work!
The little hat is darling and if there are sparkles....well she'll adore that.
Love your colorful yard.
Our trees are just leafing out. Tulips are in bloom. Still freezing here in the 40s. Oh please, spring come with some warmth!

Sharon said...

Stella is a lucky little girl. That's a pretty hat.
The cowl looks warm. And I know you are enjoying the
pretty yard you have created.

Tired Teacher said...

The hat is darling, especially the felted flower and charm.

I'm envious of all the blooms in your yard - not much even close to blooming in my yard.

karen said...

Love the blue cowl (looks blue to me!!) so pretty and the stitch definition is fantastic. The hat is sweet!!!

Anonymous said...

Cute hat for Stella and wonderful flowers. I love the flower banner you made.

Teresa in Music City said...

Well I don't need to ask how your garden grows - it's obviously flourishing! Such wonderful color :*)
Love the little hat - wish I could see the sparkly - you know I love sparkly! Of course, I had to go over and get that cowl pattern. No time for knitting right now, but it will be waiting for me when I can!

Wildflowerhouse said...

Judy the Kubota Gardens are off of Renton Ave South and 55th Ave South. In a residential area. The brochure doesn't give a street address. But you can't miss it. If you go be sure to pick up the self guided tour booklet right there in the entrance by the parking lot. I am in a hurry but will be back to look at your post. Sharon