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Monday, January 4, 2016

January Begins with Snow! And a Finish!

Yesterday on the way home from church, the rain turned into snow, and as we came up our hill it it was snowing in ernest and continued most of the afternoon.

It was too warm for it to accumulate, but our driveway looked a little snowy. I guess it was the snow that covered Portand and then headed to our mountains after leaving a little trail. All gone this morning, and not much by Midwest standards, that's for sure, but that is OK with me.

This little guy turned 4 today, and I finished my project just in time.  He loves legos and all the Superheros, so I hope it fits and that he likes it.  Whatever, it should be warm!

This was rather like making a sweatshirt!

And I'm finally back to work on the Scoreboard Scarf. It's going to be very, very long. The last game of the season was yesterday, so the end is in sight, except I am behind six and a half games.  The good news is that there will be a lot more blue on the next part!  Go Hawks!

Guess where we are headed this evening?  Off to celebrate turning four! Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

I can't believe Max is FOUR already! Have a wonderful celebration with your special little guy.

Tired Teacher said...

Hurray for snow! Sounds like it's headed this way and will arrive on Wednesday.

Love the sweater - well done!

Araignee said...

As soon as I got to Florida this morning The Mister calls me and tells me they had a dusting this morning back in Maryland. I missed the first snow. Boo...and even worse, it was freezing here in Disney World.
Love the sweater/sweatshirt. I can see that getting a lot of use.

kathy b said...

We had lake effect snow. It was brief and pretty.
I love your sweatshirt sweater.

Crazee4books said...

Hey Judy,

We've had one session of snow mixed with ice pellets
which came down midway between Christmas and
New Years. Before that it was too warm here for
anything other then rain. It's nice watching snow
falling but I prefer the rain because not only can
you see rain, but it makes colours pop outdoors
and at night you can hear it falling which is a
beautiful sound.

The sweater you've knit for your grandson is
lovely and looks so warm and cozy. I love the
little colour bits scattered through it. He'll
love it!

Scoreboard Scarf. What a neat idea. We are
of course hockey fans up here more then any-
thing else, but I'm afraid our Toronto team's
colours of blue and white wouldn't be required
too often if we were to make this scarf. Sigh!


Caffeine Girl said...

Ninja turtles are still around? My son was crazy about them and he is now 27.
I'm sure the birthday celebration was joyful!

karen said...

happy birthday to your grand child!!! getting older :) love that you had snow, we have none. absolutely not a single flake, it's driving me nuts!! Love the knits :)

Fünfzigerjahremädel said...

Time is runnung,dear Judy. I hope your start in 2016 was good!?
I wish you a healthy year with always enough time for your crafts.
Have a good time,Ulla

Anonymous said...

I'm sure he loved his hoodie! Ugh, too much snow! =) Glad it didn't stick around for you. It isn't all that common for Portland to have snow, is it? Looks like you are as busy as always. =)

Janet said...

We had a dusting of snow Monday morning that lasted an hour or two. I hope you enjoyed the birthday celebration.

Rian said...

Oh my gosh, what a cutie! And the hoodie ain't bad, either! I'm sure he loved it.

Mereknits said...

Hi Judy. I used almost all of the 210 yards in the single skein of Malabrigo Rios, looking back to find the yardage reminded me how much I love that yarn. I hope you make the cowl.
Hugs to you,

Teresa in Music City said...

What a cute hoodie!!! Almost as cute as the boy :). And what a scarf!!! Do you include the postseason games? There are high hopes out there for a Seahawks Super Bowl again. Of course, they would have to go through the Panthers :)

Unknown said...

Your scoreboard scarf is turning out pretty cool. I'll be watching the playoff games the next couple weeks...all leading up to the Super Bowl.

Merry said...

Love that hooded jumper and what a clever idea for a scarf.

Linda Vincent said...

Oh your knitting Judy.....such perfection! Hope you all enjoyed the birthday boy's celebration :-) And thank you for visiting me today!

elns said...

Happy Birthday to that little man. I love that age and the sight of him on a floor with legos makes me very nostalgic. What a cool little hoodie pullover! I'm sure he'll love it!

SueR said...

Wow, four years old already. Cute hoodie--how did you attach the patch? In a few years I'll be knitting stuff like that!