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Friday, November 22, 2013

Hats Galore!

Last weekend at this time we were on our way to Oregon and a bit of a respite from all the recent busyness.  Time in the car means time to knit, and knit I did.  I finished two Christmas hats plus one more.

There was so much yarn left from the striped hat that I decided to see what would happen if I used both the yarns at once.  I also knit that one from the bottom up instead of the top down. The original pattern is by Cabin Fever (Baby Stocking Cap #115) and includes tips for "jogless" stripes that seemed to work just fine.

The third hat was made with one of the 6 skeins of alpaca yarn that Jill brought me from the alpaca exhibit back at home in Illinois. The yarn was labeled "bulky" but I ended up using a size 8 needle instead of the recommended 10.  I'm still trying to find a hat pattern I like, so stay tuned. If you want to see what others are knitting, check out Patchwork Times.)

What did we do besides knit, you say?  Well, we spent one night in Portland and woke up to this lovely rainbow.  We shopped at 3 yarn shops and 2 quilt stores.  And we went to Cannon Beach where, despite the rain and wind, had a nice time relaxing.

We had a fabulous view of Haystack Rock from our 3rd floor window. This seagull had high hopes of being invited in or at least fed, but we were hard-hearted and just took his picture.

It was so windy that we only ventured down to the beach once at low tide. Can you see all the starfish and barnacles?  Normally they are way under water.

When we got back home, this Christmas cactus was blooming and reminding me that the holidays are fast approaching.  Lots to do, that's for sure!  What happened to October and November?  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


straythreads said...

fun hats for little ones!! my red yarn is knitpicks city tweed DK in blue blood which I think has been discontinued.

Nancy said...

Great-looking hats: I love the long tops, making them true stocking caps.

Your cactus is gorgeous.

The Oregon coastline is very distinctive.

Anonymous said...

It seems like September, October and November just FLEW BY! With all of our travelling we were constantly busy.

My Christmas cactus has a load of buds, but it will be much closer to Christmas when it actually opens.

The hats are adorable. Are they for one of the "grands"?

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

My Nana used to knit us the most wonderful stocking hats and when we were cold the tail was so long it could double as a scarf! I love your versions! Looks like you had a good get-away despite the weather. We have had 3 weeks of gray/rain in Austria. And yes- holidays fast approaching - we bought our Advent wreath last night. Cheers! Evelyn/Starfishy

Dar said...

Cute hats. Especially like the fushia colored one. The beach you visited looks really unique. I've never been to Oregon. Woudl love to go one day.

Mary said...

Your hats are so cute.

Tanna said...

CUTE hats!! Oh, the fun of visiting three new yarn stores! {sigh} ;) I don't know where October and November went... but, they went FAST! LOL! Onward ho! blessings ~ tanna

Charlene ♥ NC said...

Fun shopping and sightings! Your cactus is beautiful -- love that red!

kathy b said...

I love the striped hat most! but they are all lovely.

My Christmas cactus bloomed around Halloween usually. YOURS is lovely

Unknown said...

I'm back...and just got the time to read through the past few posts...enjoyed them a lot. Love the knitted hats and mitts!! Beautiful. That little owl hat is a hoot. Sorry. Ha.

Crazee4books said...

Hi Judy,
Love the hats that you've been busy knitting, with my own favourite being the one in the first picture where you mixed the two colours of yarn. Though the striped one is awful cute too.

Great pictures of your trip to Portland. The picture of Haystack Rock ... and the seagull ... is my favourite probably because of the misty look to it.

Wow, your Christmas cactus looks amazing. Is that just one plant or is there a couple planted together? I don't remember ever seeing one with more then one colour of flower on it.

It's nice to see the pictures of your grandkids and of your daughter visiting from Chicago .. meeting her new niece and her nephew and getting acquainted. The owl hat is adorable. I envy the lucky recipient of it at Christmas time.

I enjoyed your pictures of the quilt show so much. It's awe inspiring to see the imagination, skill and patience that goes into each of those incredible masterpieces. It's hard to choose a favourite but the your friend Linda's applique quilt with the colourful chicks is terribly sweet and cheerful.


Wildflowerhouse said...

Sounds like you had a fun trip. Where did you stay at Cannon Beach, if I may ask?
The biopsy report was not good for sweet Teddy. Is blood count is failing. He is in NO pain so have brought him home to be with us.Lots of hugs and loves going on here. Had I known his tumor had burst I would not have put him through the surgery, but there was no way to know until they got in there.
We are making the best we can for our sweet boy. I hope you are well and do have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Susan said...

See, here's another one. I clearly remember commenting on the seagull at the beach! I love that picture. The cactus is pretty amazing, too. Do you put it in a closet to get it to bloom? That's what the botanical gardens in Phoenix told us to do, but I think my MIL forgot to water it in the dark closet. =)