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Sunday, January 6, 2013

First post of 2013, finally!

Happy New Year!  Our computer has been acting strange all day but seems to have decided to cooperate in the last few minutes, so I can finally show my remaining Christmas projects.  It took forever to finish this sweater which was from a Mary Maxim kit purchased when Sophia still wore a size 4.  I gambled and cast on the size six and was delighted to discover the kit contained enough yarn.  (Nevermind that I now have a brand new back up skein and am totally sick of this "super pink" yarn..)

It fits! And with room to grow. Yay!

I took a few liberties with the pattern, did ribbing on the sleeves and at the bottom instead of a roll like on the neck.and added a white stripe on the cuffs. I used tiny black buttons instead of french knots for the eyes and buttons.  The scarf was supposed to be striped but by the time I got to that part I couldn't imagine more ends to sew in and made it plain blue.

The back, I think, was supposed to be a repeat of the motif on the front, but I decided to make the back view of the snowman.  The pattern was unclear about what to do exactly and this seemed like more fun. 

With this crazy project, I  gained new respect for shoemakers! Remind me not to go there ever again!

This doll bed has a history.  My sister and I played with it as did our girls.  It took a bit of polishing and a bit of sewing to make it usable, and we sent it on its way.  Poor thing nearly was demolished during the trip, but Michael repaired it so that Sophia and Red Bear can put it to use. Hopefully, it'll survive a little longer!

And now I have to get back to my project for this little guy who just turned ONE! Can you believe it? And can you believe I find a project with even more ends to sew in than the last one? Go figure.


Debra Dixon said...

My favorite shade of Pink!

Lynn said...

I love that sweater!!
Can't believe you made slippers, they are adorable, I bet they were a big hit. Lovely little doll bed, how sweet that it's being passed down.

Nancy said...

I love the back view of the snowman - very clever!

Making ribbed cuffs was a good decision, as they will wear better than a rolled cuff.

Anonymous said...

Sophia's sweater is adorable.

Becca said...

Oh Judy! That sweater is adorable on her! You have really been busy with projects! Me too...I can't seem to stop crocheting!

Charlene ♥ NC said...

This sweater is fantastic - I LOVE that you made the back a reversed snowman! And those slippers - talk about respect - you certainly have mine! Your vintage bed is a real treasure, too. Such a wonderful start to a new year. Hope all your New Year ends are sewn in easily!

Rian said...

What a beautiful sweater! Love it. And the color makes me swoon. Cute kid, too. Happy new year!

Janet said...

Oh, Judy! The sweater is just adorable. Your changes to the pattern made it perfect. I'm impressed with the cute bunny slippers. I wouldn't know where to start on a project like that.

Unknown said...

What a GREAT job on the sweater. It is fantastic! I bet it will be a favorite for a long time.

Your other projects are so fun and lovely too! Way to go!!

kathy b said...

OKay SNOWMAN SWEATER adorable!!!!!!
One year old guy is a cutie pie!!!!

THe doll bed reminds me of one that our cat FIONA loved to sleep on. SHe booted out the dolly!

Kathy A. said...

That sweater is just so adorable and the little lady wearing it looks very pleased.
Those slippers are to die for. I do understand those crafts that make us ask "What was I thinking?"
We have a dolls bed in our family that was my mothers. You made a lovely cover.
All the best in the new year hon.

Lynn said...

Amazing projects Judy! I absolutely adore that little sweater! Your granddaughter seems to love it too.
Happy New Year to you and your family.

Merry said...

Happy New Year to you and your family. I have finally packed up Christmas and am catching up with blogs. What a busy person you have been. I love the snowman jumper and all the little alterations really make it. So wonderful to see a childs toy being reused so much. Those are great cute.

Susan Elliott said...

Ok, the back of the snowman was a great idea on the back of that sweater! and Those slippers are TOO CUTE@@@@!!!