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Monday, December 10, 2012

Winter's Coming!

How do I know?  For starters, it is only 4:40 PM and it's pitch dark. Sunset is at 4:18 PM today, and the sun doesn't rise until 7:48 AM tomorrow! And our days will keep getting shorter for at least another week.....

Many mornings are very foggy. Sometimes the fog burns off, and the temperature drops. Today's fog stuck around all day long.

All of the leaves are pretty much gone; the big leaf maples and the ginkos are among the first to fall.

Rabbits are seldom seen, but there are lots more places to hide.

Last minute road projects are everywhere. This mess is just around the corner; they are doing something to the cell towner that has required tearing up these folks' frontyard.

The two-colored Christmas Cactus is blooming right on schedule. And I have projects everywhere! Which one first? Oh my! How's your week going?


kathy b said...

MY Christmas Cactus never bloomed on time for Chrismtas.. it was always early November. Yours is amazing.
A little bit of shopping left to do.
Two party menus to start thinking about.
some mailing of gifts....

lots of enjoying of all the great holiday music this time of year!

Becca said...

I was out most of the day today in Bellevue doing a little shopping...I absolutely enjoyed being out in the foggy felt like Christmas! Sorry Judy, but I am LOVING it! :-)

Anonymous said...

We have had a CRAZY weather day. Heard the tornado siren around 5 PM. No tornado here, but one hit over on the coast. Now it's raining lightly and I'm sure tomorrow morning we will have fog.

My Christmas cactus is almost ready to pop open. It was a volunteer cutting from a friend. I'm not quite sure what color it will be. I'm thinking maybe pink.

Your cactus is GORGEOUS!

Nancy said...

What an unusual and beautiful Christmas cactus.

No real plans for the week - maybe I'll work on some UFOs.

Cranberry Morning said...

Are you kidding? A two colored Christmas cactus? or are those two different plants? I need to move my smaller Christmas cactus into brighter light. It's struggling to pop open those buds.

Love your bunny photo. 10 degrees here this morning...and still dark at 6:17 AM.

Sounds like you'll have a good and busy day!

Unknown said...

Love the two-colored Christmas cactus; I've never seen one. I didn't even know you could get one!!

Looking at the photos, I think all the evergreens are so beautiful; it doesn't look particularly wintery yet. At least, not compared to Wyoming scenes.

The leaf - beautiful. The bunny - so sweet. I'm a sucker for those cute animal pictures!

hakucho said...

Love your Christmas cactus...I'm jealous, mine didn't do very well this year.

happy holidays :)

Tanna said...

Your Christmas cactus is gorgeous and right on time!! Merry, Merry Christmas! blessings ~ tanna

Janet said...

Winter is finally on its way here too. We've had frosts every morning this week. I've never seen a two-color Christmas cactus. Yours is lovely!