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Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Next Generation~~~

Aiming high!

Dee's account of Kerby inspired me to ask for a photo of Miss Blue Eyes with Red Bear and Friend.

Wouldn't you love an umbrella with him holding it?

Don't you think he's smiling?


Anonymous said...

Sophia is so CUTE with Mr. Red Bear.

You have the cutest grandkids and yes, that baby is SMILING!!!

hakucho said...

Wonderful photos! Baby Max is smiling :) Very cute!!

Lynn said...

Max is definitely smiling!
They're all wonderful photos Judy!

Lynn said...


Becca said...

Cute photos! Love the umbrella photo, and yes, I'm sure Max is smiling! Sweet!

Merry said...

Oh that certainly looks like a smile to me. All the other photos are so wonderful too giving me a smile.

Rian said...

Oh my goodness, you have got the cutest grandchildren! Love the smile on your littlest guy.