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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dishcloths and Other Things

Let's hear it for dishcloths! Whenever I need a quick project and some "time off" from my current cross stitch project, a dishcloth is the answer. The pattern for this one was on the yarn label and was fun. A dishcloth is also a perfect place to practice a new stitch like this one. I had no idea what happened when you knit into the stitch below: a nifty pattern. Dick says they're too pretty to use. I guess he and Catherine think alike. Looks who's mighty pleased to have borrowed big brother's uniform. Polished fingernails and all, she can hold her own and will need to being in the middle of two brothers. Speaking of fingernails, do you think there's any hope for my thumb? It got caught in my friend's keyless car door in early December, and the nail finally fell off this week. Maybe I'll have to wear gloves to the weddings?

Today is the last, I think, of David's birthday celebrations. He and some friends are meeting at a pretend playground, whatever that is. As you can see, this threesome has had plenty of fun lately.
You just never know what's going on outside. Friday while I was at my quilt meeting Dick caught this view out our den window. It's not quite as exciting as the giraffes that Catherine's been seeing, but surprising nonetheless, since we do not live in the woods!

Yep! Bambi stopped to take a peek in our window on the way through our neighborhood. You just never know what to expect when you look out our den window!


Anonymous said...

Owwwwweee on the thumb. I bet that HURT! But, the good news is ---- the worst is over and now the new nail should just grow on out.

The deer picture is great. Your husband got nice clear video. We get the smallish deer around our neighborhood quite frequently.

That Sophia is adorable (as are ALL your grandchildren). I think she'll do JUST fine keeping those boys in order. LOL

Jane said...

What a great pic of the grands... you're a lucky gram, but not so lucky to keep your fingers clear, eh?
Forgive me, but I'm unsure of wedding dates...but a gal with your reputation would probably get away with wearing a thimble.. just say Ooops, I forgot to take it off..
Good vid of the deer, just amazing how they live so close

Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims said...

I love your dishcloth, it is pretty thats for sure, but I'd use it anyway. I just wore one out, darn!! Such cute pictures of your grandkids, I love there smiling faces.
How fun to see a friendly visitor in your yard.

Lapplisor said...

Dear Judy
First, I want to congratulate Daniel from the heart!
Certainly he has obtained a nice celebration with family and friends.
The picture with the deer is well done to you - unbelievable that they come so close ..
Your Knitting again looks as good - unfortunately I can not open an image in this post.
Sunday greeting

Susan Elliott said...

Bambi looks so beautiful framed by the gorgeous brown and green of your tree. That was a lovely shot! Good job being so nimble that your camera was nearby!

Love the moss on the ground too in a lighter shade of green. I can see your grandkids have a real problem being happy. *wink

Must be all those beautiful hats, sweaters and afghans their grandmother makes for them! Off to stitch, Susan

Barbara C said...

Ouch, that car door accident must have produced quite a wail. I wonder if they still make those toy fingertip with the attached long polished nail I used to play with as a kid. Do you remember those? I think your damaged nail looks a lot less scary than a set of those would.

Great dishcloth. It's funny how people think they're too nice to use. I think they make dishwashing kind of special.

Gerry said...

OUCH! The nail looks pretty gnarly.

The deer is so very cool. I love that. We see our foxes and hawks nearly every day behind our house but it's still always a wonderful treat!

Maggie R said...

Oh Judy! Your thumb looks so sore... You need a band-aid that looks like a fingernail!! LOL
I like the dishcloth..The pattern is neat.... The handmade ones are the only ones I like, I never thought of trying a new pattern!! Thanks for the inspiration

Kathy Raker said...

I agree with Dick, the dishcloth is too pretty to use.
So sorry about your thumb, OUCH! Hope it is healing. All 3 grandchildren look like they are having fun. Looks like you also made a new friend too.

Micki said...

The dishcloth is so pretty and I loved the pics of the grandkids.

Charlene ♥ NC said...

Ouch! I know the pain is over, but it does still look like it hurts! What a cute little visitor you had. He seems to be watching you watching him! Will we get to see the wedding gifts soon?

Linda Vincent said...

Judy, I can't believe you have beautiful deer in your neighborhood! We just have cheeky squirrels and the occasional fox.
Poor thumb - how about a decorative false nail?
Linda x
PS What yarn do you use to knit your cloths?

Yoyo said...

Again beautiful dish cloths, I just love these things. We get deer once in a great while like that, it is so much fun to catch them with a camera, isn't it.

Since I'm a nail technician I can assure you nail injuries like this turn out fine 90% of the time...just give it time. But if you really want to look great for the weddings, go to a good nail salon (not one of those cheapo places where they do not know what hygiene is) and get just your thumb done with an acrylic nail. It should last about two weeks, will look exactly like your other nails and shouldn't cost ten dollars, probably less depending on where you live. We used to do fix-it-ups like this all the time for special occasions when I had the spa, so don't let them tell you they "can't" do just one nail, maybe they "won't", but they certainly can.