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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Busy, Busy............

Lest you think that I am buried under yarn and fabric, you can rest easy. That project is coming along with lots of reorganization and a vow to concentrate on using my stash in the future. Although not much stitching has happened, we have been very busy. First, two weekends ago, we helped to celebrate Brent's 40th birthday. Can you tell that DD2 surprised him?

Since Monday was a holiday that cancelled our usual Monday tasks and the weather was beautiful after days of rain, we drove north to Darrington. The mountains are full of snow and the sky was crystal clear and great for photos.

Can you imagine this view from your backyard?

We've also downloaded Skype and had fun playing with our new webcam. Isn't technology grand? One of the nurses at the hospital told me yesterday that a patient used the webcam to read a bedtime story each evening to her son back home, another mom communicated daily with her mother in Hungary! Here's Sophia in Chicago, enjoying one of her books.

The webcam pictures aren't quite as good as the ones that come via email, but both are a great way to keep in touch with distant family members. Wouldn't our folks be amazed? Daniel is growing like a weed and getting ready to crawl.

Here's David, enjoying the snow while, unlike last winter, it's been unusually mild here, and you can see from my header that the witch hazel is blooming as it does every January.

In the midst of all this joy and abundance my thoughts keep turning to the people in Haiti. May they know how much we care. Sheila has a very interesting link on her blog to a young friend of her daughter, who's in Haiti doing what she can right there on the ground. Bless her and all the others who've answered the call.


Kathy A. said...

I think that Skype is the most wonderful thing in the world for all us grandparents who do not live close to our grandchildren. It is easier to be without them when we can see their smiling faces and antics on the compuer. I couldn't live without it.

Crazee4books said...

Hi Judy,

I've downloaded Skype but haven't
been able to figure out how to
use it. I'm pretty dim when it
comes to figuring out technology
I'm afraid. Especially when I
have to read instructions. I'm
better at learning by doing with
someone talking me through the
process. I can just imagine how
great it is for keeping in touch
with friends and family though.
And someday I'll get that sucker
figured out.

Love your pictures of the
mountains. DH and I traveled
to Vancouver/Victoria/Alaska
(cruise) about 16 years ago
and I loved the mountains there.
The West Coast is such a beaut-
iful place with it's rugged
coastline, mountains, the ocean
and the wildlife.

How is your kitty that's loosing
fur?? Wonder if it's dry skin?
During the winter the house can
get dry and the cats will scratch
more. Hope it's nothing serious.


Rian said...

Isn't Skype (and email and digital photos and camera phones and texting) the best? What a nice young man your Brent is.

Wendy said...

Hi Judy, what a great blog post. I would love a view like that from my backyard. So glorious. Your granchildren are so lovely Happy Stitching.

Linda said...

Judy - we have SKYPE also on the new computer.... let's talk... what a great way to keep in touch.

You have more snow in the mountains there than we do here in northern new mexico. although santa fe got 5 1/2 inches of it yesterday...we got zilch!!


Micki said...

Skype is wonderful and it is a great way to keep in touch with family and freinds.
I love the snow pics!

Gerry said...

The mountains are beautiful! When we lived in Utah I thought the Wasatch Mountains were BIG - but now that we're in Colorado, they look so small compared to the Rockies. LOL.

Glad to hear that you're enjoying your Skype and sharing photos.

Thanks again for visiting.

Cat said...

Hey Judy.
Love your photos of grandchildren!
I'm really glad you weren't burried under all that stash!!
I went to that link of Shiela's daughters friend. WOW. What a work she is doing in Haiti. Thanks for sharing the link! Hugs, Cat

Barbara C said...

Great photos of the snow and of the little ones.

Lapplisor said...

Judy .. it is very good that we can live in this time.
The technique shortened the distance to each other.
Images to make it seem even closer. it is convenient in this fast paced time to have Sky.
Your grandchildren are so great - you can very proud of them be!
Take care