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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Isn't Mail Fun?

This week the mailman brought me a nice surprise from Pat Winter. Now I'm going to have to get busy and do some more Crazy Quilting. Thanks so much, Pat!
Ribbon and a lovely pin from Pat!
The online mailman brought us a picture of David and Sophia playing in a box. Dick cropped it because the photo of Sophia was a particularly good one and not so great of David, who looked so cute on my last post. I'm quite sure her pretty sweater was crocheted by Grandma T.
Guess Who?


Anonymous said...

What a sweetie-pie. Look at those BLUE eyes!!!

Cat said...

Sophia looks great! What a wonderful smile!

And David looks terrific in his dino sweater. I hope he is able to get all those songs out of his lungs!

Have a Happy Mother's Day.

Hugs, C

Linda Vincent said...

Beautiful big eyes (another Blue Eyed Girl) and a winning smile...what a sweetheart! No wonder you're a proud granny.

Lapplisor said...

Unbelievably, like for a long time I now no more with you in the blog was, dear Judy.
I'm sorry, but the time passes always much too fast!

As large Sophia is already again.
Their new Sweath pleases me very well.

And you stopped so beautiful pictures of your journeys.
The flower pictures are completely great.
But also the " Waschbär " looks nice :-)

I wish you a beautiful week, and thanks you for all your nice comments in the blog. ♥☼♥Barbara♥☼♥

Finn said...

Hi Judy, just popping in to say hello and thank you for stopping by at my blog, Pieces from my scrapbag. It's always nice to see a new face *VBS*
What beautiful grandkids you have. Love that sweater and the train bridge! Looking forward to seeing your quilts. Hugs, Finn

Jeanne said...

She is a cutie-pie!

Susan said...

Pretty ribbon colors. I have them hanging all over my window treatments down at my end of the breakfast bar. Pat's ribbons, I mean, and others, too.

What a little doll she is. Both of them are. I can't believe how fast they are growing!

Barbara C said...

What a great smile that baby has!

Ele said...

Dear Judy,

you've got a wonderful postman I think. ...and so nice presents whith him...;-)
whish you creative fun with all the gifts

and many thanks for showing us the little cute Sophia in the nice sweater.

Have good time
hugs and kisses