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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Time Off at Cannon Beach, Oregon

April in Oregon
My sister and her husband have just returned home to MN after spending a week here with us. They left wonderfully warm temperatures in Cambridge only to experience a week of the coolest April weather we've had here the whole time we've lived in Washington! It even snowed at our house last Sunday, and as you can see here at Cannon Beach, which is one of our favorite spots on the OR coast, snow is on the foothills, something we've never seem any time we've been there.
Haystack Rock
One of the things we love to do in Cannon Beach is walk to Haystack Rock, and when the tide is right, explore the tide pools. We were lucky this time because there was a minus tide, and we could walk right to the foot of the rock and watch sculpins, sea urchins, and a lot of colorful starfish.Starfish on Haystack Rock
Normally, when the tide is in, you can't even get close to the rock, so we really welcome low tide and the chance to explore. Here is what the area usually looks like:
Surf's Up!
We saw lots of birds on the rock and couldn't decide whether some of them were puffins. Puffins nest on Haystack from April to July when they leave with their babies to spend the rest of the year at sea. At first we thought these birds might be puffins, but in comparing the photos in our bird book we decided they were harlequin ducks. Later we saw a couple of birders at Ecola State Park who comfirmed that harlequin ducks had been seen swimming near Haystack.
Harlequin Ducks
In addition to enjoying the natural beauty, lots of folks come to Cannon Beach to shop at the little boutiques and the trendy restaurants. We, however, prefer to eat at Mo's or cook in, and I love to stop at Center Diamond, a great quilt shop, and Coastal Yarns, another of my favorite places. Yesterday, on the way home, we dropped Jane and Ted off at the airport, and wouldn't you know it, the sun came out!?


Jane said...

Doesn't the weather know just when to change?? Looks like you all enjoyed yourselves, no matter! Wow, what neat photos, the starfish are great, I've only seen them "dried" and the little Harlequins, never saw those either. Thanks for sharing them.. How great to have such a nice quilt store close by... Here's to better weather!

Possibilities, Etc. said...

I wish I were there - it's already in the 90's in Texas. I lost your e-mail address - you asked about the shine on the lips - I painted them that way, and Marilyn's choice of threads was great! It's just white wool/silk blend.

Maddie Can Fly said...

Judy, you asked about the "no reply" in your comments -- I think this is how to correct it. Sign into Blogger, edit your template, go to Settings, Comments and then at the bottom, Comment Notification Email, type in your email address. Hope that works!

Ele said...

I wish, I could be there...
Thank you Judy for the wonderful pictures so far from us...have a nice weekend and a good time

Wendy said...

Wow!! This is really beautiful! Living near this place must be a real dream. My son loves the ocean and wishes we could visit it again (only been there once). We live about 3 hours from the Pacific Ocean so it is quite a travel but not impossible. Anyway, thanks so much for your comment. I can't wait until the wedding.

Linda Vincent said...

I am so envious, that looks beautiful Judy. My favourite place on earth is by the sea - so why do I live right in the middle of England????
You were right - the film was amazing, I loved it. Salma Hayek was a great choice for Frida.
Linda xx

Fünfzigerjahremädel said...

With this pictures you give me the possibility to look in another region of the world!I live between green meadows,but I also like the sea!
Greetings from Germany,Ulla

Linda Vincent said...

Hi Judy - the butterflies were part of some free clip art I got ages ago. If you would like copies, just email me.
Love Linda

Pat Winter Gatherings said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog Judy. I love the interesting shoreline you have there in OR. I would love to explore the rocks. Do you ever find sea glass?

Cat said...

Beautiful photos of the coast. I love haystack rock and have many memories of it from my childhood. We lived in Oregon for a few years and camping on the coast has always been my favorite.