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Friday, October 5, 2007


Yesterday the craziest thing happened! First I purchased the Oct. 17 issue of Family Circle upon Jill's recommendation, and just like she said, her friend Darla and family were on page 14. Then, in the mail I got my copy of Itty Bitty Nursery by Susan B. Anderson featuring our very own Chloe Grace (one of Jane's granddaughters) as one of the models. What fun!

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gocrazywithme said...

Hi Judy,
Thanks for visiting my blog; I thought I'd return the favor!
I don't knit, so the little vest is really impressive to me. I couldn't even begin to do that! I bet your David is proud to wear something Grandma made just for him.
I think your fall block is a great start. If you have time, try to do some embellishment while the season is upon us. You may just get started and not be able to stop till you're done!
Janet in Colorado