Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Let the Wedding Festivities Begin!

This past Sunday I attended a lovely shower given by our daughter's bridesmaids, so I can finally reveal some of my secret wedding projects. While walking with her to the shower, she asked me if I could please make a ringbearer pillow. Little did she know that the requested and completed pillow was in one of the boxes I was carrying. Tada! Here's the frontside with their initials. Except for the cording string and the golden rings, ALL the materials were in my stash!

And here's the back which is the Shaw plaid. Some while ago, Ele sent me the little bear which is perfect. David thought Catherine asked him to be "ring bear" and responded with a growl. Now that he knows he can't wear a bear costume, he's not so sure. Perhaps this little bear will help?

In my recent cleaning frenzy, I found the old (April 2004) issue of The Cross Stitcher magazine containing the purse pattern, located all the required parts, and decided to make a small wedding purse. Since I put in the very last stitch on the night before the shower, I added that project to the wrapping decor.

With CQ in mind, I finagled a small, make that tiny, piece of the wedding dress fabric to use on the back of the purse. Where is it, you say? Remember, I said tiny: It's the teeny, weeny triangle just above the "love " bead!

Meanwhile, here's what we're leaving behind as we travel to the snowy Midwest for our niece's wedding next week. As soon as we hear that her gift arrived safely, that photo will be shared.

Apparently our cats are noticing the heightened excitement at our house. At least Ginger has made it clear that she'd prefer a bit of attention too; Mocha merely growls, "Yeah!"


Judy said...

Oh Judy, what wonderful gifts. She will treasure them always, I'm sure.

Your cherry tree is beautiful! My husband (not dear!) pruned mine, I'll be lucky if they live to bloom another year.! Don't forget to pack your warm coat.

Anonymous said...

Great job on the wedding pieces. I know your daughter will just love them.

I know she'll have a joyous day!


Lynn said...

Just beautiful - keepsakes to be handed down.

Plays with Needles said...

Love the little details...the bear...the bit of dress. That makes them really special...

Merry said...

Thanks for visiting over my way. Wonderful creations on here. Love the little purse. I have just started doing a little crazy patchwork myself. I really like the stitches you have used.

jane said...

Just a few days and we will be seeing all of you. Now that Leanne and Mike have received their gift, you can post it! The purse is really cute as well as the ring bearer pillow. Love, Jane

Linda said...

What special treasures you have made Judy...I bet you loved creating them.
I hope you have a wonderful time at the wedding.
Thank you for your comment and advice re: my printing on fabric.
Linda x