Sunday, February 28, 2010

Christmas SAL, finally, along with Signs of Spring!

After weeks of working on wedding projects, I've finally made a little start on my Christmas SAL project. I had a bit more done until I noticed that it was in the wrong place, and you can see by the big holes exactly where I frogged. Hopefully that won't show once I do the part that really belongs there.

Meanwhile, out in our yard we have lots of signs of spring, at least a month earlier than usual. It's fun though to see all these lovely colors after all the winter grey.

Back in the Midwest crocuses would come up through the melting snow. They don't have to do that here, but they are among the first signs of spring in our area as well.

Even the currants are blooming!

The other day the paper said that the daffodils are in full bloom up north, and that heralds tulip season, again much earlier than usual.

This little guy is a start from the large bush in our sideyard; I thought it might do better in the front where it's sunnier.

If you look in the right spot from our bedroom window, this is what you see. Signs of spring are everywhere.

Not to be out done by their outside relatives, our houseplants are in a springlike mood. The african violets have buds, and this plant which comes from my sister's plant is full of little "goldfish" and very happy to see longer days with more light. Yea, spring!


Yoyo said...

Glad to see you got started on your Christmas project!!! Find a soft toothbrush that you can live without....gently brush it on both sides of your fabric...this should remove all the bits of fuzz left behind from your frogging. (Now put that toothbrush in your 'stitching kit' and keep it!!! LOL) Then take your finger tips and sort of rake them across those big holes (firmly but gently) and that should pull the fabric back into it's original shape just fine and you won't have any evidence of frogging left behind.

Boy, I'm jealous, we still have 8 inches of snow in our garden.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhh, you have forsythia! I love forsythia. It doesn't grow here and I miss it.

Our azaleas are just beginning to bloom.

We had the most horrendously cold winter this year. It will be interesting to see which plants do well and which ones are stunted.

Rian said...

All those pretty lil flowers kinda make the long, cold winter worth it in the end, don't they. Our trees are in bloom (and the big ugly cypress which make our allergies bloom) and the Calif poppies are goin' to town.

Lynn said...

Such pretty flowers, my daffodils are minutes away from blooming.

Marguerite said...

In SW Michigan our daffodils are about a half inch tall under six inches of snow. But we've been promised some 40 degree days this week so maybe we can catch up.

Linda said...

What gorgeous photos Judy....I especially love the primulas. Purple, yellow and green = spring!

Fünfzigerjahremädel said...

It's every year the same,..but every year we enjoy to discover these signs of spring! Last week we still had "mountains" of snow in the garden and now the snowdrops and crocuses blooms! It's a wonder!
Thank you for your wishes and many greetings,Ulla

Gerry said...

Oh my, look at the flowers!!! We have so much snow still. And what isn't covered with snow is brown and icky. Thanks for the little peek at spring!

deb said...

awwww....the first signs of spring:)

Plays with Needles said...

Lucky you! We won't have spring for a few more weeks -- I've never seen currants bloom and that goldfish plant is a hoot!!