Wednesday, November 15, 2017

KAL Sock Finally Finished

It's been a busy couple of weeks, but I just finished Dee's KAL sock yesterday.  Nothing like waiting down to the wire, is there? I used the Nutkin pattern and changed the suggested heel to a heel flap.  For some reason, I also did a whole lot of tinking on that pattern, lack of concentration, I guess.  At any rate, they are DONE!

It's a little hard to see the pattern, thanks to the yarn.  Thanks to Val of Wandering Cat, I have started another pattern (Cascading Leaves), but there's no way they will be done any time soon.  More later, I need to head off to Pilates.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Fall Is Here and So Are Some New Socks!

Signs of Fall are everywhere these days.  Just now we enjoyed a long walk under bright blue skies, trudging uphill and down through lots of leaves and pine needles. I love collecting Big Leaf Maple leaves as they truly live up to their name.  Here are some of the "smaller" ones. (Note the pencil!)

And here's my favorite find.


This pumpkin in our Chicago daughter's garden has an interesting story. They live on a small lake, and during the summer the kids found a strange plant growing in the beach sand.  They dug it up and planted it at home, thinking that it was a melon, but voila!  I think it will soon be carved, don't you?

While walking around that same lake, we stumbled upon the remains of a friend of Captain Hook and his pet parrot.  Don't you wonder what his story is?  There were lots of other signs of Halloween in the neighborhood, but this one was the most unique.

The squirrels, birds and other critters in our yard enjoyed this sunflower from our local daughter's garden.  No, they didn't clean up the shells.

These socks are finally finished.  I won't confess when they were started, but they were part of an "ancient" KAL at the Knitter's Brewing Company.  Sock #1 was done long ago, and then I caught the dreaded SSS!

Pair number four of the GKs' Sock Request has already been delivered and worn to school!  Just one more pair, and I'll be done with the "orders" placed in July when we were at Cannon Beach.  Daniel requested blue and green.  He got a few more colors as well.  As for that last pair of socks....they may take a while as that grandson's foot is my size!  How did that happen?


Saturday, October 21, 2017

Rest Peacefully, Sweet Mocha ~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                                                                                   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We sadly said good-bye to this sweet kitty last Thursday. She had suddenly started feeling poorly, and the vet diagnosed end-stage kidney failure and said she was probably at lot older that we thought.  Mocha was a rescue cat that we brought into our house on Halloween in 2007. For about 3 weeks prior, she'd been appearing at our house, obviously hungry, and I finally started to feed her. One day she let me pick her up only to discover that someone had had her declawed, not a very good way to survive in the woods, so then we took her in even though we already had another cat. We also discovered she also had an unregistered microchip.  Why anyone would abandon any animal, let alone this sweet kitty is unfathomable. Now she has crossed the rainbow bridge, and we dearly miss her quiet presence. Rest peacefully, sweet Mocha. We loved you!

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Some Finishes at Last!

Why didn't anyone tell me how busy our days would be once I retired?  Gosh, the days just seem to fly by at warp speed!  I have completed a few projects despite the madness, however.

You remember this one, right?  Well, with the leftovers of the 21 colors I completed another hat, and it had even more ends to hide.  I couldn't quite follow the pattern exactly though. I think it's hard to see how they're related, don't you?

Then Nancy did a post on helical stripes, and so I tried it with dpns.  It was fun, and I couldn't help wonder whether I could have used the technique on these two.  Thanks, Nancy!  It worked great on my little Christmas hat.

Meanwhile, I've been working on Nutkin for Dee's KAL.  It used to look like this:

(Did you notice my "bobbin"?  I finally found a use for all those bread closures! Someone else's cool idea)  And now it looks like this:

I am not using the short row heel though, and if I ever make this pattern again I will use an K1P1 cuff.  This stitch pattern is easy to memorize which is nice.

Our quilt group has made stockings for the local Ronald McDonald house for quite a few years now, and these two are my contribution this year. Quilting the fabric is what takes most of the time.  It looks like one is bigger than the other, doesn't it?  They are from the same pattern though, so I think my eye is tricking me.

We spent part of today with these two.  They suddenly appeared wearing some of the things I made over the years.   It's fun to see them used!  Have a great week!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Grand Celebration!

Things are kind of getting back to "normal" here.  We are back in our time zone and feeling relieved after hearing from friends and relatives, who live in Florida and weathered the horrific storm there.  The wildfire smoke has cleared here, but others in our state are still dealing with that. However, along with these scary occurrences, there have been some happy times.  

Last spring we went to a preschool celebration that sent these five off to kindergarten.  And yesterday was the first day for this little guy!  How can he be five already?

At the end of August, we traveled to Minneapolis to surprise my sister on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary.  We enjoyed being with all of our relatives and finally getting acquainted with the youngest family member who's already almost 3. It was a very special five days!

Our grand nieces and grand nephew

and my sister and brother-in-law's family ~

We all enjoyed a wonderful celebration at the Minneapolis Landscape Arboretum.  (If you ever have a chance to see it, go; it'a an amazing place.)  The"kids" had assembled a basket of 50 things that reminded them of their parents. What a special gift!

Along with all of the visiting, we even managed a little exercise! 

No trip is complete without a stop at a yarn shop, right?  And this is an extra special yarn shop as it has been recently opened by our nephew's wife.  Stop in if you are in the area; it's a fun place!


This hat is made with a kit from that shop.  It was a fun knit but sure had lots of ends to hide! (There was enough yarn for another hat, but I'm still hiding those ends.....)

I finished two other projects:  socks for our grand son in his requested color and a shawl that I started in the last century and had to restart because I couldn't remember where I was in the pattern sequence.  (That should teach me not to procrastinate, right?)

And last but not least is my cast-on for Dee's fall KAL.  I so appreciate the November deadline!

The pattern is Nutkin and the color is Apricot Pit (?) which was the most fall-ish color in my stash.  That's it for now, but I just want to say that my heart and prayers go out to all the folks impacted by the recent hurricanes as well as the folks struggling with wildfires.  Be safe, too!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Catching Up Once Again......

We just got back last night from five fun-filled days helping my sister and brother-in-law celebrate their 50th anniversary and visiting with family and friends as well.  No pictures though until we figure out how to get them off our phone as DH forgot his "real" camera. We also got to visit our niece's new yarn shop called Harriet and Alice.  That was fun, too, and yes, I gave into temptation.  Meanwhile, here are some photos from our family gathering at Cannon Beach, OR, as promised.

We ate together the first night at Mo's which is a fun place just across from the Tolovana Inn where we all stayed.

The cousins had fun playing together and watching the rabbits that hide on the grounds.

The tide was so low the first day that it was possible to get to the back side of Haystack Rock.

We were very glad to see that starfish have made a recovery from the virus that plagued them for the past several years!

We all had fun strolling the beaches especially since the tide was exceptionally low during our time together.

I even managed a photo of our photographer-in-chief.

All of the kids added to the family reunion tablecloth.  We were sad that our son couldn't make the gathering, but he was immersed in an intensive Chinese class at UW. 

On the last night we watched the grandkids so their parents could enjoy a meal out together.

And I also finished a few projects after we got home.  The socks are two of five "pre-orders" from the grand kids. Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Monday, Monday.........

My good Intentions to fill you in on our Cannon Beach gathering just have to wait until next time because I want to share our eclipse experience.  Coincidentally, that event fell upon our 52nd anniversary!  We spent a delightful weekend in Portland, and then headed to McMinnville, which was on the very edge of totality. Because we took a back route, the traffic was tolerable, and we found a relatively empty parking lot adjacent to McDonalds. There the fun began.

We parked in front of a bakery that was closed until noon.  Next door was a guitar shop whose owner was all prepared for the eclipse!  We walked around and chatted with other folks also.

Dick got this photo by putting his eclipse glasses in front of the camera's viewfinder. Totality lasted only 45 seconds, and he took another photo without the "filter".

It became dark enough to cause the parking lot lights to turn on, and it was noticeably chillier.  Lots of folks from the various businesses came outside to watch, too.

We had a long drive home and didn't stick around very long after totality.  Our route home took us past the town of Scapoose and this interesting historical marker.

So that was our fun weekend away.  I will try to get the Cannon Beach post up soon, but right now I need to go make supper.  Have a great evening!

Monday, August 14, 2017

It's Been Too Long!

Just this morning I received an email from Kathyb asking whether I was OK.  Well, yes, I am; July was an absolutely crazy busy month and the first part of August has been interesting also.  It'll take a while to catch up, but I sure will try.

One Sunday early in the month we attended a picnic with members of the New Hope Revival church that meets at our church. The weather was perfect, and we all had fun.

Not long afterwards we had a fun visit with Nancy and Bill Liggett.  Nancy and I taught in adjoining classrooms in California a long time ago, and we've been friends ever since. Her husband Bill has just published a book called Watermelon Snow which takes place on the Blue Glacier on Washington's Olympic Peninsula.  It's a fun read, and we helped him with a book talk at our local library.

Then most of our family gathered at Cannon Beach, OR, for five days of fun, but I'll have to post more about that later.

Right after we got home from Cannon Beach my sister and brother-in-law arrived.  They were traveling with another couple by train from San Francisco. Notice how blue the skies are!

Here's how the skies looked soon after they left!  The temperatures soared and the wind shifted and the whole area experienced smoke from wildfires in British Columbia. Finally that cleared up on Saturday when the offshore wind returned and it finally rained a bit for the first time since June 17!

And I just now realized that I forgot to send my July finishes to Kris Meares.  The purse is a finally completed UFO, and the other is a dishcloth.  I can never keep the last corner from looking wonky; any ideas on how to prevent that?  (More photos later, I promise!)