Friday, August 28, 2015

A Few Finishes and Still Celebrating!

Gosh, here it is, closing in on the end of August with just about all the birthday and anniversary celebrations behind us.  We had a short visit with friends from Colorado and then celebrated our REAL anniversary locally because we couldn't find a cat sitter. No matter.  Our kids arranged for some chocolate dipped strawberries and 2 glasses of champagne to be delivered to our door. How nice of them!  We had a great time reminiscing about our life together over the past fifty years.  It's gone by so fast! We started out as two, and now there are twelve of us. Amazing!  And we all get along! All I can say is, "Wow!" Because we had planned to be away at a place without many restaurant choices, Dick had arranged for dinner at the Space Needle the week before. It was a cloudy day, but we still had great views of our city. (The restaurant revolves while you eat, so it's rather like watching an ever-changing movie.) Fun place for special occasions!

Meanwhile, there's been some knitting happening.  I finally finished Kiribati which I started last summer and put away when it got cold. (Thanks, Mere for the pattern link!)  Now I have to figure out what to wear it with!

It has interesting details on the side seam:

I also made a washcloth thanks to Dee's inspiration:  (Isn't her new kitty cute?)

And a replacement sample for  my volunteering.  The earlier one disappeared!

It's taken me two other tries to find yarn for the Undine KAL. I finally dove into my stash of leftovers and will be holding my breath until it's done.  I also decided to make the socks as written.  We'll see whether I like them this way or not.

 Enjoy the weekend.  We are supposed to have rain.......finally.  I hope it helps with the wildfires!  Be sure to check out Patchwork Times for some knitting inspiration!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Three Finishes Plus!

Whew, it's been a couple of busy weeks that involved some unexpected excitement, including getting used to our new car. It's been fun and a little crazy.  Dick had been doing research for quite a while "just in case," so we now have a new Toyoto Camry and just in time for our 50th Anniversary!  It's silver, not gold, but that's just fine.

We also spent a day helping a friend who just had rotor cuff surgery on her right shoulder, and I was able to get some knitting projects finished in time for several August birthdays.

This is en route to the Midwest for the GD that is turning 8.  How she got to be that old so quickly is a mystery!

The pattern for this gave me fits, but it's done and ready to wrap up for the Little Miss who turns 2 tomorrow! She loves dogs, and I just couldn't resist the button.

The next time I make this bag, I will use bigger needles, but it is supposed to stretch, and hopefully it will. (It's for a friend.)

August is a month full of celebrations in our family, with birthdays, anniversaries happening weekly! Nope, it's never boring in August (or any other month either)!  Hope your week is going well. Check Patchwork Times for some knitting inspiration!

Friday, August 7, 2015

Almost to the End......

Just a few more rows, and I'll be finished with this project! I used what was left from Stella's sweater and a multi-colored version of Bamboo Pop called Lollipop to make another one for Sophia.  I have just a few more rows to do, the ends to sew in and 3 buttons to attach, and it will be done.  It takes a lot longer to knit for an almost eight year old than for an almost two year old, that's for sure!

My sister sent this photo yesterday.  Ted caught a 5 pound walleye. They said it was delicious!  He looks pretty pleased, doesn't he?

And hurrah, the deer hasn't discovered the new blossom on my crocosmia!  Yet.....

Things here are getting back to normal after our exciting, crazy time away, and we are enjoying geting used to our new car.  Should have taken a photo, but maybe we will by next week.  Have a good weekend! And don't forget to check out Patchwork Times to see what's on everyone else's needles.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Our Latest Adventure

This past Saturday we returned from a quick getaway to Idaho.  It was a very unusual couple of days!  As you probably know, it's hot and dry here in the Pacific Northwest. Most people think all it does in Washington is rain.  WRONG!  East of the mountains the climate is very different, hotter in the summer and colder in the winter. The one constant, however, is "the mountain". Natives know THE mountain means Mount Rainier, but the strange thing is that you can see it lots of different places, like east of the Cascades on the way to Idaho.

Even though we are the Evergreen State, it's ordinarily dry in the summer, especially this one.

Lots of sage brush can be seen as well as many wind turbines and irrigation systems! When you reach this landmark, you know that you've crossed the Columbia and are on your way farther east.

The Columbia is a beautiful river and flows all the way to the Pacific Ocean. We were intrigued to learn that the first road was built way below along the edge of the river some time around 1918. That must have been a tough job!

We stayed in a condo at a ski area on Schweitzer Mountain.  Not a trace of snow could we see, but the views were beautiful, especially on the night of the blue moon!  You can see Lake Pend Oreille in the distance.

I got a lot done on a couple of my knitting projects when it was too hot to do much exploring.

It was fun checking out the nearby town of Sandpoint.  We did a little walking, a little shopping and a little eating.

We found a great place for pie, and a nice yarn shop that was in an old train car! And then we drove part way around the lake.

But what we will probably remember most about this trip, is that our dear Mazda decided it was time for us to part ways.  It started acting up on the way into town, that very first night, and by the next day we knew it wouldn't get us back home.  Nor was it practical to get it repaired or towed back to Bellevue. (It served us well for almost 17 years and carried us over 200,000 miles!) Our plan when it was "time" was to donate it to a local charity, but here we were in a new place nearly 400 miles from home.  Would you believe that within walking distance from the car rental place was a Union Gospel Mission church that gladly takes car donations to support women and children? It also has a car repair training program!  I guess it was meant to be.  And now you know what we will be doing this week in addition to taking care of the lug of peaches we picked up on the way home! (Little did we know when we took this photo, that it would be the last picture of our car.) We hope our trusty car enjoys its new life.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Two Finishes and a MYSTERY!

I finally finished a small quilt that was started a very long time ago and quilted by a friend last summer.  It's a design by Lynette Anderson, and I learned the hard way that when you print out a pattern it's not always the correct size. That I found out after all the stitching was done, and I started putting it together.  So with a bit of pattern modification, the piecing was completed and my friend quilted it for me.  I really don't enjoy binding quilts and tend to procrastinate that detail.  Well, a certain young lady asked me to embroider something for her birthday, and, bingo!  I knew just the thing.  It's done early, no less, and I hope she will like it.

The dress for the other little August birthday girl is also finished.  I measured her yesterday, and it should fit for a while.

We spent the rest of our weekend sorting through lots of old pictures and our genealogy stuff after a short break for church and dinner out with the kids.  When we got back home, we decided to take a short walk before getting back to work.  When we left for our walk, one of our newest blooming plants looked like this:

When we got back, it looked like this:

See the empty stalks in the right corner of the photo? Even all the buds were nipped off and a few blossoms were lying on the ground.  This morning I also noticed that whatever the critter was, also sampled a few tastes of lily.  Wonder who the guilty critter was?  4-legged perhaps?  That'll teach me to brag about my crocosmia!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Busy Needles!

This past week I've made a real effort to put in some stitching time, and it's paid off.  The Amish Alphabet is coming along. (And I'm realizing my eyes aren't what they used to be; either that or 18 count Aida cloth is smaller than ever!)

Sorry that it's crooked, but, I finished the letter B and its birdhouse as well as the extras on A, L, P, U, and X, and am a little more than half way done.  It's about time! 

This fun project is on the home stretch.  The yarn is Universal Cotton Batik, the color, "cotton candy".  The pattern, Elise Dress, can be found here along with a photo of the finished dress.   I am on the third ruched section which is a good thing as the recipient's birthday is getting closer every day!

Yesterday's heat (95, which is hot for us) forced this beauty to finally open, and voila! Another thing that could be called "cotton candy;" the odd thing is that the package said it would be white!?  Not too much else to report for now.  Have a great day!

Friday, July 17, 2015

On the Needles and a Bit More

Here's a fun and free pattern if you have a big stash of cotton yarn. It's a pattern for a market bag, and after the somewhat fiddly first row, an easy  way to use up that yarn.  I'm about half way done.

It's mostly an easy to memorize mesh pattern which is supposed to be stretchy and has a "solid" bottom.  There's more than one of these in my future!

This week I bit the bullet and tackled a quilt block for the first time in a while. (My accuracy sure needs some work.) There were some choice words and ripping, but it's done.  The next task will be to put the other blocks together as this is a group project with fabric I brought back from Aachen, Germany, last fall. Everyone's block is different, so it should be a fun quilt.

As you may have already heard, it's been hot (by PNW standards) here lately, very dry also. Look who's claimed the fan!

And look which deceptively cute critter thinks our garden is its own private salad bar:

And last, but not least, look who would like to claim the neighbor's dog as her own:

Big brother's not so sure. Have a great weekend!  And oh, check out Patchwork Times to see what others have on their needles.