Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's been a busy week, and this coming one promises more of the same. Before any more time passes though, I want to thank Pam for this cute little bird that is now perched on a shelf in my sewing room. Isn't it cute? Pat Winter surprised me with a pretty little heart pin yesterday, and I'll show that on my next post.

The wedding projects are almost finished! Here's a sneak peak at the second one, and I just put the last stitch into the ring bearer pillow tonight. I have one other thing I might make, but these three projects have been top stitching priority since the holidays. Now, I can finally get to work on the Christmas SAL. I've done a little stitching on it and lots of ripping!

Both of our traveling kids are back home. Here's a photo that Catherine sent to prove that she really did make it to the top of Mount Kenya. Quite a hike, I'd say, on top of a busy work schedule... I think she looks a bit chilly, don't you?

And I guess it's cold in Chicago, too. Jill sent this photo of Daniel wearing the bunting I made five years ago for David. That was a cute pattern, and I'm happy that it has proven useful.

And on our various trips this week in the car, I finished off a couple more dishcloths. I really like the color choices of Sugar 'n Cream; believe it or not, this one is called "natural"! Now I need to get back to the sweaters that have been languishing on my needles since before Christmas.


Gerry said...

The birdie is darling, Judy.

Love the bunting....kind of wish I had one here to wrap up in.

Charlene ♥ SC said...

That's what I was thinking, Gerry, and he looks so snug and happy - and the dd chick looks COLD! That is a sweet birdie, and the cloths are pretty, too.

Lynn said...

Mount Kenya - how exciting. Love seeing the pictures you've shown of your daughter's travels. Darling bird and speaking of darling - very cute pic of your grandson. What a happy little boy!

Anonymous said...

DD may be chilly, but she looks mighty proud too!

Congrats to her. That is QUITE an accomplishment.

You must have the happiest grandbabies in the world. They are ALWAYS smiling and look like they are just about to pop with joy!

Barbara C said...

Such a nice collection of photos, as usual. Isn't it satisfying when we get to see a new baby use special family things?

Plays with Needles said...

First of all, you are a dishcloth dynamo!!!

Secondly, Daniel is BEYOND adorable in that bunting...

I'm glad you're heading down the home stretch on your present making -- I know we'll get to see them eventually...

And thank you thank you for sending the CD! We just got back from a trip to Florida with my Dad and it met me last night when we got back. Looking forward to listening to you all sing! xo Susan

Crazee4books said...

Hi Judy,

That bird is adorable!! Love the
pretty wings on it and the feathery
tail. What a sweet treasure to get.

I'll bet you're glad to have the
wedding stitching all done so that
you don't have to worry about it.
The sneak peek in this post is very
intriguing with the pretty colors
and a bit of backstitching. Can't
wait to see pictures of the entire

Daniel looks adorable in his
bunting outfit and he certainly
seems to like having his picture
taken. Seeing him and his older
brother together in the picture
featured in your previous post
it's obvious that these two are
brothers, they look so much alike.
Same smile and hair coloring I

How wonderful to have deer in your
yard!! We have had skunks, raccoons, squirrels, chipmunks and
opossums here over the years, but
never deer. We sometimes see them
when driving to work in the morning
at this time of year, and it's wise
to keep an eye out for them because
they will run into the road, with
disastrous results.

When we lost our first cat Eppie
seven years ago we waited three
months before heading to the animal shelter in Brampton, and we decided to get two cats because we figured that they would be company for each other when we were at work.

We (I) chose Rupert first because I'd always wanted a ginger cat, and we could tell at once that he was quite the character. Phoebe was in another room of the shelter, huddled in her cage with nothing of her face showing. Just her backside.

We asked the shelter staff if the two cats would be okay together and they told us that both cats had been in the "exercise" room together and got along fine. So we
had them boxed up (so to speak) and brought them home.

We let them out in the basement library and waited to see what would happen. They were scared
and nervous and stuck together
while they figured out what was
happening and who we were.

Now they get along pretty good...
most of the time. Sometimes one
will piss off the other, and there
are wrestling matches, and the
occasional cross word exchanged,
but generally they get along pretty

Before every meal, while their
food is being prepared, Rupert
pauses in his ongoing vocal
urgings to "hurry it up", walks
up to Phoebe and wash her face
thoroughly. She squints her eyes
and tolerates it. Very cute.

Love your new blue dishcloth.
The pattern is very pretty. I'd
like to try and learn to knit
and I think dishclothes would be
the perfect project to start with.

Hope that your thumb isn't bothering you too much. I
would imagine that it's going
to take awhile to grow back.
Is it too short for a fake nail
to attach to it, do you think??

Oops!! Another epic post. Better
sign off for now. Thanks for visiting my blog Judy. It's always nice to hear from you.


Linda said...

Wonderful photos Judy - once again Daniel has put a big smile on my face; what a cutie-pie!!!!

Cat said...

Great photos! Cute bird!! What a teaser on the cross-stitch - that's going to be terrific!

Love that on top of Mount Kenya shot!!! WOW!

And Daniel of course is handsome as ever!

Jane said...

Geeez, you've been busy!
Love Daniels smile... he is cute beyond measure.
Great needlework Judy

Yoyo said...

Oh that bunting is just adorable!!!!!! Of course, the baby makes it even cuter. Now this dishcloth is my kind of color! I love the bird, that looks like a lot of fun.