Friday, March 19, 2010

One Down, One to Go!

We've been looking through our wedding photos, trying to figure out who is missing. Here's proof that we made it to the church. Don't Leanne and Mike look happy? Our family is somewhat unusual in that the cousins have mostly kept to "family names" in choosing their spouses. This is the other Jill with our nephew Keith and their youngest. Here's their youngest again, all ready to go. Of Brian and Katie's family, Dick only caught Sydney, resting after her flower girl assignment. Sophia thought that chair looked like fun and sat in it for maybe 30 seconds. For one brief moment, David and Sophia stood together with Michael and Oma. Where are Jill and Daniel? Brent and Carl were at the wedding too, but this is the only photo we have of them. Where's Catherine? Does anyone recognize this guy? He showed up mysteriously at the reception. Rumor has it that he is traveling the country, promoting a certain choir concert that is happening in May. But where are Jane and Ted, the parents of the bride? Maybe all these missing people is why a professional photographer comes in handy, eh? And last but not least is why so many of the kids are missing. They were dancing the night away and as you can tell, having a blast! Sunday Sophia proclaimed: "More weddings. I want to DANCE." Soon, Sophia, very soon.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a good time was had by all. Sophia looks so pretty in her red dress.

What a lovely bride too! You have a pretty great family.

Plays with Needles said...

WONDERFUL Judy! Nothing like a wedding to gather all those that you love! And those children dancing are the BEST!

Linda said...

What lovely happy photos Judy......I LOVE weddings!!
(Bit sad that there was no photo of Daniel though - his smile always cheers me up)
Linda x

BTW...I wish I could meet you at one of my classes too !!

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Beautiful AND happy! Did you dance a jig like the children? No one took that shot? Looks like fun!

jane said...

Great photo of everyone. And isn't that video a keeper?
Looking so forward to coming west for Catherine and Brent's wedding in one short month from now. Jane

Micki said...

You were a gorgeous bride...I enjoyed seeing all the pics.

Allison Ann Aller said...

What a lovely family and a happy occasion!!!!

Jane said...

That Sophia in the "big chair" is a hoot and you look alot more relaxed in your jeans and tennies!

Jane said...

OK... NOW I see it, just had to know what I was looking for.. sure got everyones attention for a minute, hee-hee!

Gerry said...

Great photos! Love Sophie in the chair. Her expression is priceless. I'm glad you were able to round up your family and get them all accounted for.

You have a lovely family - how lucky you are.

Thanks for visiting. Take care.

jb said...

I missed this blog entry! Cute pics and the video is so funny. The kids were having a great time that night. :)

Lapplisor said...

oooh, dear Judy ..
because ye have had such " a nice party "!
I congratulate the married yet warm, and I wish all the best for the common life! !
Beautiful pictures you show of the festival -
and thanks for the nice movie.