Thursday, August 4, 2016

Two Finishes and a Get Away ~

This week has been fairly busy, but I did finish a couple more projects.  A while ago Dee found a great free pattern for some yarn in my stash!  Shocking, eh? The Interrupted Cowl is fun to knit, so fun that I ordered two more skeins of Bamboo Bloom in different colors.

In a recent email, DD#1 mentioned that Sophia would really like a nightgown.  That inspired me to find a quick pattern (Thank you, Center Diamond Fabric Shop in Cannon Beach, OR.) and crank up the sewing machine for the first time in ages.  It took 45 minutes in line locally to get the fabric cut, but the wait was worth it; next time I'll get the fabric with my patterns.

It's way too warm in the Midwest for a long nightgown, and the pattern had a shortie version complete with bloomers. Sewing is so much faster than knitting, at least for me.

Speaking of Cannon Beach, we had a great weekend there a while ago.  Both of us really enjoy walking on the beach, and the tide was especially low when we were there this time.

This was the view of Haystack Rock at high tide from our window. This was a minus tide, and we were able to walk out past the rock which we'd never been able to do before. (And yes, we are wearing jackets at the end of July !)

We saw lots of anemones but only one starfish.  I guess they were particularly hard hit by the starfish wasting disease this year.  This anemone looks hungry.

And these are all closed up because some kids couldn't resist poking at them.

Someone left this sand castle village on the beach for everyone to enjoy.

The bunny population at Tolovana has increased dramatically since we were there last fall. They seem to come out in the afternoon and entertain everyone.  Here's three of the many.

Our time at Cannon Beach flew by all to quickly. I never tire of being at the ocean at any season of the year! ( And when you're reading blogs, check out Judy's to see what's being knitted this week.) 


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures.

Isn't that cowl FUN???

Tired Teacher said...

Amazing that you were able to walk right up to the Haystack! I remember wearing a jacket when I visited the beach, too.

Love the PJs!

kathy b said...


All that beach good for the body and soul! We have a bunch of bunnies here too. Is it the year of the bunny?

LOVE the pj's they are darling. They are perfect for our sweltering heat. Im still waiting for a cooling breeze and lowered humidities to whisk in...still feels like a sauna here... ugh. BUt I DO love summer and the hummingbird is around a bit more

Araignee said...

Such a cute nightie!
Your beach photos are stunning. I can just feel that cool water.

Sharon Massena said...

I can see that August is your "get it done" month. That little dress is darling.

Anonymous said...

What great photos of the vacation time, and that's the cutest little nightgown. Perfect.

Dar said...

What a cute little nightgown and bloomers. They would be welcome here in MO this month. Your pictures were of interest to me because I have never been anywhere near Oregon. That is on my list of places to go one day. I love walking on any beach, no mater what state.

karen said...

I have never seen a live starfish or anemone in the "wild". One day!! I also would like to find a sand dollar too. Just tiny goals :)

Anyways, I love the pjs so so sweet!!

Caffeine Girl said...

I'm slow at knitting and sewing. I think sewing is faster if you know what you are doing -- which I do not!

Love the ocean photos. So envious.

elns said...

One of my besties at work goes to Canon Beach every year with her in laws and loves it. Now her daughter loves it too. I want to go now!!

Crazee4books said...

I envy you being able to spend time by the ocean Judy. I love any
forms of water ... be it ocean, lake, river or swimming pool (although
I do prefer outdoor pools as opposed to the indoor variety).

The chance to walk out to Haystack Rock must have been a
real thrill. I've seen lots of pictures of it (the Pacific west coast
is a board on my Pinterest) in different views but never one so
up close and personal. Love that sandcastle too!! Someone
went to a lot of trouble.

Your granddaughter's night gown and bloomers turned out
great! Love the butterfly fabric in all those pretty colours.
And the frilly sleeves will look so cute on her.