Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Our Saturday Adventure and a Birthday Finish!

Last Saturday we and a friend set off (along with lots of other folks!) in very cloudy weather for a hike near Mount Rainier.  Years had passed since we last hiked the Naches Loop Trail, and it's just as pretty as ever. This time the wild flowers were in full bloom which made our effort extra worth while! The clouds disappeared, and the views were terrific.

Fields of lupine were all along the trail.

The uphill trails were fairly gentle.

This lovely view of Mount Rainier appears right after you round the bend, part way through the hike. What a nice reward!

The clouds began to move in later in the afternoon, and pretty soon the mountain was barely visible.

We also caught a bit of Mount Adams a little farther down the trail.

So many flowers were in bloom.

And we didn't even have to climb to the top to find a little bit of snow!

Shhhh!  Don't tell Stella that her sweater is finished, just in time, too, as she turns THREE on Saturday. How did that happen so fast?  Check with Judy L. to see what everyone is knitting.


Araignee said...

Oh wow! Snow? For real? And that view....
The sweater is just perfect. Great finish!

Anonymous said...

Stella's little sweater is adorable! Love the hearts! Happy birthday to your sweet girl!

Tired Teacher said...

Stella's sweater is beautiful. Well done!

Love the photos of your hike - the scenery is divine.

kathy b said...

Each picture a JOY!~
THe sweater..oh boy. ITs amazing Judy. You are such a great knitter!

straythreads said...

What gorgeous scenery great pics and the sweater is adorable!

Crazee4books said...

Previously I said that I was envious of your time by the ocean Judy.
Okay, so now I'm envious of this hike along the Naches Loop
Trail. Seriously! Those views are stunning!! It looks like you had
darn near the perfect day for it. And all those wild flowers
blooming along the way just to make it extra special. It must
be a bit strange seeing snow in August though.

Your newest finish is lovely. Love the pattern in the sleeves as
well as down the front of the sweater. The colour is very nice
too. Your Stella will look adorable in it.


karen said...

SNOW!! my favorite :) lovely photos of your hike and my what a pretty sweater!!

Anonymous said...

You knit pretty fast lady! Looks perfect for the fall. Thanks for sharing your hiking views. Now I don't need to go. LOL What gorgeous wildflowers and the air is so clear. And not hot and muggy, apparently!

Dar said...

What a beautiful pattern on your little sweater. She's one lucky lady. Love all your great pictures on your hike. I have never been to that part of the US but it looks wonderful and I love to hike.

elns said...

What a beautiful hike! I love that photo of the gentle slope going up, nice depth, makes me want to hike ... kind of, ha!

I need to be outside and remember I like it again. Outside and not rushed.

Great job on the sweater, super cute and sure to make Stella happy!

Betsy said...

Such a beautiful hike. I'm impressed as I'm not much of an athletic person at all. I almost flunked P.E. In school...and I was trying my hardest. I'm fairly clumsy. Ha! It's always fun to find snow in the middle of summer isn't it? Your sweater is gorgeous. I'm guessing the little lady is your granddaughter? Both girls are so beautiful.