Friday, August 19, 2016

Big Time Celebrating!

It's almost 51 years! We celebrated a little early at the Space Needle; it was a gorgeous day, and a good meal with my very bestest friend.

A few days later this little lady turned three.

And then in another few days this young lady turned 9!

(Her nightie fits! Hurrah!)

We and a couple of our neighbors have lived here in Tamara Hills since the seventies. They watched our kids grow up and leave the neighborhood, so we all gathered for a picnic in our backyard the other evening to celebrate Wes and Kathy's August birthdays. Fun times!

And I finished two dishcloths for Kathyb's Dishcloth swap.

It's been busy here!  Hope you all have a great weekend. It's supposed to be hot here.


Dee said...

Happy anniversary! May there be many, MANY more happy celebrations.

The grands look adorable. I think Stella has a bit of sweet sass!

Hope you have a wonderful vacation!

Tired Teacher said...

It's fun when families gather and celebrate happy occasions, and you've had a lot of opportunities to gather. I love that.

Unseasonably cool here the last two days, and the weather man issued a frost alert for last night, which I hope the farmers' crops escaped.

Barbara Curiel said...

Congratulations on your Anniversary! It looks like you had a great celebration.

Araignee said...

51 years? You look like newlyweds! Happy anniversary!

Caffeine Girl said...

Happy birthday and anniversary! 51 years is amazing.

Teresa in Music City said...

Wow! Congratulations on making it 51 years without killing each other LOL!!! And what adorable little girls - you are sew blessed!

straythreads said...

congrats and happy anniversary!!!!

kathy b said...

Happy happy Wedding anniversary. How blessed you are. May you continue to be blessed.
I LOVE the family photos

I really love the blue/yellow dishcloth!

Mereknits said...

Happy, happy all around!

Sharon Massena said...

Happy Anniversary and wishing you many more. Incredible how much we've learned at the school of life.

The birthday girls are cute as can be

And so great to have neighbors and family to celebrate with

desertskyquilts said...

Happy anniversary! I hope there are MANY more to come. The girls are adorable, and how lovely to still be in a neighborhood after so many years.

Wendy said...

Happy Anniversary! May you have many more joyous years together as a couple.

karen said...

happy anniversary to you spring chickens! you look adorable together :)

Katherine said...

Happy 51st anniversary!! Nothing is more of a blessing than to be married to your best friend. I have been married to mine for 56 years and look forward to seeing his face every morning.

I recognize those wonderful dishcloths. They have been put to use already and I love them. The swap was so much fun. It was easy and it's great to meet new blogging friends! Thank you so much.

Your grandchildren are such cute kids!!

elns said...

Wow it looks like it has been busy AND fun! August Babies, we are plagued by them as well. The dishcloths are super cute!