Friday, April 1, 2011

Back Home and Thawing Out!

Chicago was cold and even snowy one day while we were there, but we have lots of warm memories. Even though the kids were a bit under the weather with some kind of virus (which we may have brought home), we still had lots of fun. And as an extra bonus, we also got to see my sister and her hubby at Sylvan Lake and my aunt and uncle in Brown Deer, WI. My uncle turned 93 last week! We also went on a field trip with David's class on the last Friday before Spring Break. (No photos of that though)

All three of the grandkids love to hear stories, and they mostly sit still! I must have read The Baby BeeBee Bird a hundred times. Check it out; it's a fun one!

We also created some things with Crayola's Model Magic. It's like clay but dries hard without firing and can be painted. David especially enjoyed this.
While we were creating, Daniel was concentrating on his cars. How do all little boys learn that Brmm--Brmmm sound?

Daniel seems very well coordinated at nearly two. We watched him jump off a little step stool many times, landing upright each time. He even likes to dance but not with partners!

The last couple of visits we've been adopted by our grandcat Jehu. Each night and in between he took over our bed. Nice to have a warm spot waiting!

During naptime and in the evenings, I did work on a couple of knitting projects and put the finishing touches on another prayer shawl for a choir friend.

But what about the kitchen? The cupboards are in, and our weekend project will be to put things back where they belong. Hurrah! It's still not done, but the end is in sight~sort of.


Anonymous said...

You really have a lap-full during reading time. What a wonderful bunch!

hakucho said...

Looks like you had a great time with your grandkids :) Reading, crafts and even time to knit....what could be better? Have fun putting your kitchen back in'll really enjoy being able to use it...hopefully soon!!

Kathy... said...

Yes, little boys are born with that Brrrr....Brrrr..... motor sound, I do believe!

Sounds like you had such a wonderful time - so many memories made for everyone!

We've just ordered our counter-tops this past week, so our kitchen mess is very much ahead of us. wish it could just be over

Merry said...

What a terrific much fun with your grandkids and so love the shawl you have made. My little 1yo nephew was at my Mums last week and it was so funny watching him get so excited by the mower starting next door. My son (now 17) used to do the same thing. Engine noise certainly must sound different to males. :-)

Cat said...

Love that you had a good visit! The clay figures look like such fun - a sure memory maker!

Beautiful prayer shawl!!! What a treasure!

Glad you are home and getting things all in order!


Becca said...

Looks like you had a nice trip to see your family! That prayer shawl is very pretty too. :-)

Neuroknitter said...

Welcome Home!! You were missed!! Looks like you had a great time with the family! That cat looks huge...I bet he is cozy warm!!

Linda said...

Welcome home...glad you had a great time with the Grandkids!

Crazee4books said...

Hi Judy,

Would you believe ... it snowed
here again last night. Ugh!!
All of the snow from our most
recent snow fall had melted
away by this weekend and we
thought that might be the end
of it. No such luck.

But today the temperature went
all the way up to 17 Celsius
and the heavy, wet snow melted
away. It also rained which
helped to flush the snow melt
down the drains. The really
warm weather isn't going to
last however and tomorrow's
high will only be 5 Celsius.

The weather this Spring is
really all over the map.
Wonder what's next???

Love the picture of you and
the Grandkids. It's great
that they love being read to
and kudos to you for having
the fortitude to read The
Baby Beebee Bird over and
over again on demand.

The modeling clay looks like
it was lots of fun to play
and create with. It's great
that you don't have to bake
it and it can be painted
after just air drying. Fun
for all ages!!

Your grandcat Jehu is one
fluffy feline!! And quite
a handsome cat at that!
Very thoughtful of him to
warm up the bed for you at
night. Our two sleep with
us but I'm the one they
actually sleep with/on.
It's amazing how much room
two small cats can take up.

Your newest prayer shawl is
beautiful! It looks so light
and delicate and so pretty.
Love the color.

Lynn said...

Great photos of the kids, thanks for sharing! I love reading stories to my grandchildren. Yours look like they're really enjoying their time with you.
Very pretty prayer shawl! I have a very close friend who also knits these. They're very special gifts.

Barbara C said...

It looks like you had a good time strengthening the bond with you grandchildren. Your shawl is very pretty--it's always nice to have a bit of handwork for when the kiddies are napping.

Plays with Needles said...

Love that pic of you reading to the kids AND the one of Daniel at floor level concentrating with his car. I can't believe you were knitting while the kids were napping...with all that activity, I'd be napping too!!!