Saturday, March 19, 2011


No, not the kitchen; in fact, not much cooking is happening these days. We manage breakfast and lunch fairly well, but dinners are pretty much a lost cause.

Progress is happening though. And it'll all be worth it in the end. We already love the new stove!

PerBarbara's suggestion, I've replaced cooking with sewing and knitting---and actually finished several things: socks for David and Daniel, the tutu quilt for Sophia, and a hat for Jill! The fun part will be delivering them in person as we are headed to Chicago soon. (Jill and Michael have a working kitchen!)

Something tells me I could use a better model for my hats than stuffing them with a pair of pjs!

The quilt was hard to photograph, so Dick took a closeup of one of the tutus.

Mocha is a pretty tough taskmaster but tires easily.

Sewing the binding on this quilt gave me time to think. Earlier this week the newspaper, in addition to the tragic news from Japan, carried an article about the Iditarod which reminded me of the story of Balto and the Great Race. Have you read it? A statue of this dog is in Central Park in NYC; we searched it out a number on the way to a family wedding. (It snowed, then too?!)

I also thought about watching this elk herd just outside Crescent City,CA, about a week before its harbor was destroyed by the tsunami that originated in Japan. According to the news on NPR, tourism and fishing are the major industries in this town, and fishing was all but wiped out. The effects of that quake will be felt for a long time in this small town and, of course, on a much, much larger scale in Japan. It sure has made me rethink our family's earthquake preparedness!

UPDATE: We saw the moon on our walk last night! For once we didn't have our usual cloud cover.


Susan said...

The kitchen is coming along well. You will really enjoy it once you get settled in.

Seems as though you have been staying busy in the meantime. Great finishes there....

Anonymous said...

Don't you wish you could BE your cat some days? They don't have all the worries we do --- just a sunny spot and a comfy blanket and they are good for the afternoon.

The tutu quilt is TOO cute. Have a wonderful trip to Chicago.

Alisa said...

The socks are cute and that tutu quilt is AMAZING! You are a very talented lady!!!

hakucho said...

Everything looks great from the cute socks to the adorable hat and that quilt is so pretty. The tutu's are such a special touch. I'm sure it will be cherished :)

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Well, talk about productive! Great finishes there, lady!

Rian said...

Oh gosh, those tutu's are adorable! The knitted socks and cap are darling too. You are so talented!

Kathy A. said...

That is one gorgeous quilt Judy! Nice work there.
Socks are looking good. Love the variageted yarns.
Glad the kitchen is coming together nicely. Soon, it will just a memory of work hard done but well.

Sheri said...

Love your photos.
The local news said our moon would appear larger than usual last night. I wanted to get a picture but forgot until I was in bed. Did get up and take a look. But was too tired to find my camera and get a picture:(

Cat said...

Beautiful photo of the moon! We had a clearing in the cloud cover and the bright of the night woke me up so I was able to get up and see it.

Your quilt is just fabulous! She will love love love it! What an adorable idea!

All your handwork is great!

Smiles, Cat

Cranberry Morning said...

The kitchen is going to be fabulous! And so much light! It will be a delight to work in, for sure.

You have so many wonderful projects you've completed. Looks to me like those kitties are an encouragement. At least they're not after your yarn and needles all the time!

My dog likes to lie across the yarn on the floor.

Have a good and safe trip!

Crazee4books said...

Hi Judy,

What a shame about the Crescent
City harbor being wrecked by the
tsunami wave last week. It just
adds another layer of saddness
to the tragic events in Japan.

I hope the many government
agencies can get their acts
together to help this community
to get through this and rebuild
and find alternative means of
earning a living.

What a colorful post this is
with the new socks and the new
(darling) quilt and the new
hat. Love that tutu quilt so
much. Those little tulle
skirts are adorable and the
whole quilt is a little girl's
dream cover for her bed.

Oh boy!! The joys of home
renovations. Lucky you. But
it will all be worth the
aggravation and the mess in the
end. The exciting part is when
it all starts to come together
and you can begin to see how
all the new elements will look
together. Can't wait to see
the finished pictures.

Mocha is so sweet. It's nice
to have a stitching/knitting
cat to share our space with.
Although admittedly they do
tend to take over the lion's
share of our space and will
not tolerate being shifted.
What a life!

Love your picture of the moon.
Save that for halloween!


Plays with Needles said...

Love those tutus!! And how lucky for you to be forced to eat out!! How I would love to have my kitchen renovated AND have no cooking duties for a while...I know it can be a pain...but you've done a great job of keeping busy. And the pic of the moon is something!@ Good job to Dick for the close up photo...that one was my fave.

Becca said...

Oh my, I can't believe I missed your post this weekend! First of all, looks like project kitchen is still underway, and I can't imagine if I had to clean out all my cabinets what the top of my dining room table would look like!
Those socks are so cute, I don't think I've ever had anyone "knit" a pair of socks for me before, that is so cool! The quilt is darling! Did you say that was for a granddaughter? I can't imagine what little girl would love that! I think Mocha is all worn out from helping you with the sweet. You really did get a nice shot of the moon! I'm not sure my photos are "postable" Have a great week Judy!

Becca said...

Whops! I was trying to say I can't imagine what little girl (wouldn't) love that, it's so cute.

Wendy said...

Your kitchen is coming along well.....the little quilt is wonderful and I may have to make one for our new little princess......the pic of the moon is awesome.....

jane said...

Don't know whether my comments went through. Nice photos. Look forward to seeing you this weekend. Jane

Linda said...

You have been busy! The kitchen is looking great as are all the projects...hope it is nice in Chicago for your trip. Enjoy!

Lapplisor said...

oooh my Judy ... the bad days were safe, no kitchen ... pooh -
Now I hope that everything is given in the cupboards.
I hope that you have survived the good effort!
Take care