Saturday, March 5, 2011

Followed.............. (Image Heavy)

Why is it that every time we head to California or meet my sister, it snows? It happened last May and again in November, and this time our destination, Point Arena, California, had snow for the first time in TWELVE years. Are we snow magnets or what?

The snow we left behind you can see in the last post, but who knew it ever snowed this close to the Pacific Coast? While it was just a little on this huge rock, the lady at the yarnshop in Bandon, OR, said they had four inches even though most of it had melted by the time we stopped there. Despite the snow, rain, and unusually chilly temperatures, we had a fun time. We even detoured to drive through this redwood tree. (That's not our car, but it was a tight fit!)

Appropriately, a lighthouse stands on Point Arena but is no longer manned. You can climb it though, for a fee, but we didn't.

It does have a top!

More interesting to me than the lighthouse was this huge rock that was a sunbathing spot for 15 seals. After we left, my sister said the seal population tripled and thought they might be headed up the coast to the spot in Oregon where they give birth.

If you've never driven along Route 1 in California, you've missed an exciting ride. The roads aren't straight for very long and the scenery is spectacular. I wouldn't want to do it in the dark or on a foggy day!

Right after this photo, we hopped in the car and headed for home. (Dick had fun taking this one automatically.)

Before we left California, we stopped to take some flower photos, just to prove that spring really is coming. We've seen lots of daffodils on the roadsides but never calla lilies.

All that riding time meant that several knitting projects were completed. A choir friend is having chemo treatments for lymphoma, so I made her a hat from a pattern called "No-hair Day Chemo Cap." It is indeed "hairy," and our 4-legged hat inspector had to make sure it wasn't alive.

Another completed project is this prayer shawl for another friend who's had a really tough time with the after effects of her chemo regimen. This is a free Lionbrand pattern called Easy Triangle Scarf and is my "go-to" pattern for prayer shawls.

Ginger finally lost her patience with me. I think she means for me to quit typing and pay some attention to her, don't you?


Merry said...

Wonderful photos and stories that you have typed. Enjoyed the journey. Imagine Daffolids and Lillies just growing wild. How beautiful That tree is amazing that it is still growing with the centre bottom of it cut out. Thanks for sharing.

Lapplisor said...

Dear Judy
It was certainly a wonderful travel to your sister.
Thank you for the beautiful pictures.
I have to laugh because it attracts the magnetically snow :-)
The spring will come - again, the crocuses are blooming now.
Happy stitching

Alisa said...

Lovely pictures! Sounds like it was a nice trip. :)

hakucho said...

Looks like you had a nice trip. Those flowers certainly are a welcomed sight :)
There won't be any signs of anything green for a while around here as we still have a pretty good snow cover.

Your cat and the hat...too funny :) Beautiful shawl!

Lynn said...

Wonderful pictures! Thanks for sharing. That prayer shawl is absolutely gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you ARE snow magnets! Could you come visit us? I haven't seen snow in YEARS!

Beautiful pictures! I love lighthouses. I think Steve and I need to get out to the west coast one of these days and see the beautiful lighthouses on the "other" coast.

Becca said...

Hi Judy, looks like you had a wonderful trip, and wow, you even got some projects done! Fantastic! We are enjoying 70 degree weather this weekend, so I am sitting outside and working on a embroidery project. Thanks for sharing your photos of the coast. I have a friend that might be moving to Shoreline...I've never heard of that city, but it looks pretty. Enjoy your Sunday.

Pam Kellogg said...

Judy, such gorgeous photos! Snow magnet huh? Please don't come to McHenry! LOL!!!!

It's good to see some photos of daffodils. I've never seen Calla Lilies growing like that either! And never in a million years would I get my Towncar through that tree! Ha, ha, ha!

OMG, Ginger is a beauty! And yes, I do think she's wanting some attention. My cats walk all over my keyboard. For that matter, that walk all over me too!



Sharon said...

We still have snow in the pastures and yard, but thankfully DH plowed the driveway and part of the road. I am now free to move about the country. Ha ha! Being cooped up had me in the creative mood.
Your trip looks like fun. I hope to get to the ocean this spring... I am envious of the calla lilies on the side of the road.
You have been very creative lately. Love the shawl. You are amazing girl. It would take me forever.

Kathy... said...

Oh yes....another gorgeous Tortie!

Is the tree actually alive? How can that be?

I have never driven Route 1 in California, but did ride my bike (pedal not motorcycle) for 100 miles of it. Several years back, when I was much more fit! An organized bike ride that I did with my brother who was living in Huntington Beach at the time. It was beautiful!

Linda said...

I love the area you were in...I have a picture of Don driving our car through that same tree! It is indeed a beautiful drive!

ROZ said...

What a wonderful trip--I loved the photos! and some great knitting, too

Cranberry Morning said...

No, WE are snow magnets - another 4 inches today!

Enjoyed your photos of the California trip. That tree is amazing. I'd love to see it in person.

jb said...

Great pictures!

Plays with Needles said...

I envy your road trips. You guys look to see the sites from your car window and the projects you make along the way.

kathy b said...

My deaf cat Radar just did the very same pose on my laptop! They do know how to say enough!
THanks for asking about my father on my post today. H'es doing great!
I love your california images....cala at the roadside....amazing

Barbara C said...

Great photos. There's nothing like a nice long drive for finishing up knitting projects.

Crazee4books said...

Hi Judy,

I'm trying to be a good blogger
and catch up with my comments,
but its hard to do when everyone
does all kinds of fascinating
stuff and I have to remark on
everything that they do. It's
taking me forever.

As always I'm enjoying your
travel photos so much. The
scenes from sunny, warm (!!)
California are lovely even
with the odd bit of snow
showing. Oh, to be by the
ocean blue. Sigh! The
pictures of the seals are
fun! They're so cute! I
would love to see those
Redwood trees in person.
They are just incredible.
(I love trees and forests
as much as I love oceans
and mountains.)

It's so dull and grey and
dreary here right now. We
had snow yesterday and then
it rained all night as the
temperature rose so now the
ground is covered in slush
and mud and there's fog
blanketing it all. No signs
of Spring here yet. Well,
DH did see a Robin today so
I guess that would count as
a sign.

Love your knitting projects
and think the Chemo Cap is a
hoot! It looks like an over
grown Tribble ... if you're
familiar with Star Trek. The
prayer shawl is lovely with
those delicate colors and
has a beautiful, lacy look
to it.

I get a kick out of the
pictures of your cats doing
all the things that cats
everywhere do. Being nosy
and curious one minute,
demanding of attention the
next, and then collapsing
into a snoozing ball of fur
to recharge for the next
round. Oh, and eating too
of course.

The picture of Daniel shoveling
is too funny!!