Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Signs of Spring

This afternoon on the way to look at tile for the kitchen, we stopped to admire some of the local flowering plum trees. Each year they provide a spectacular show, especially on streets where each yard has a tree. On days like today, which was rainy and cold, they are a welcome sight. (For the first time EVER, I had icicles on my umbrella because it hailed really hard while we were on our walk!) When the blossoms start to fade, the grass and streets will be covered with pink "snow."

Jill sent us a few pictures this week. As you can see, Dick had fun with the grandkids.

Jane had fun reading to Daniel. I wonder what he's saying to her?

After we left Chicago, it warmed up enough for the kids to enjoy playing outside. David caught a toad, but I'm not sure the toad was as happy about that as David was.

I've been working on a couple of knitting projects this week, and while I worked, enjoyed watching the EagleCam.Have you seen it? It's on 24/7 and great fun to watch Mom and Dad care for their young. The nest is high in a tree near a fish hatchery in Decorah, Iowa. Check it out! You'll be glad you did.


Merry said...

Oh those plum trees are stunning and can just imagine the carpet of pink when the flowers fall.

Anonymous said...

Didn't I see that same picture of Dick when the little people tied down Goliath??? Looks like he is under a very happy attack!

Dorothy said...

I love the flowering plums - there are so many places around here that have whole streets of them. I just wish they lasted longer!

Linda said...

I took my mum for a drive today and we were 'cherry blossom spotting'...there are some amazing (and huge) ones this year.
Hope the weather warms up for you from now on - sounds like you deserve it!

I've been looking at your recent photos Judy - can't believe how much Daniel has changed! Is it the hair?

kathy b said...

a boy and his toad i love it

Ranae said...

Wonderful photo's

Cranberry Morning said...

I believe that Goliath had a stone sunk into his forehead and then his head cut off. Glad to see this didn't happen to Dick. :-)

The plum trees in bloom are simply gorgeous!! Love all the photos.

I've been watching the Decorah eagles too. Aren't they an amazing creation!

Crazee4books said...

Hi Judy,

Those plum trees look like
delicate pink clouds hovering
above the street. Spectacular!

We have cherry trees here and
when they are in bloom (two
white and one pink) it is
glorious. Unfortunately
the blossoms don't last very
long and then we too have a
flurry of colourful petals
covering the driveway.

Icicles on your umbrella!
Just the thought of it makes
me shiver. After some very
nice Spring days here it's
going to get chilly here again
too and there's even mention
of that nasty "S" word in the
weekend forecast. Nuts!!

Looks like everyone is having
a grand time in your photos
there of the kids, especially
Daniel. Love the photo of
David with the toad. Can it
be said that toads are cute?

Will have to check out that
Eaglecam for sure.


Susan said...

How pretty the trees are! As pretty as a cherry, any day. Love the kiddo pics with the toad, too.

Cat said...

Love the Ornamental Plums this time of year! They bring such a pretty welcome to the warmer temps!

Cute little toad!! Whatta find!

Have a nice weekend!

Rosalyn Manesse said...

What darling children! Lovely trees and toad--

Lynn said...

Thanks for the link to the eagle cam. I've been meaning to check it out and keep forgetting.
Love the pic of all those plum trees. They're so pretty!

Sharon said...

Our trees have not flowered out yet. I may have to come down from the foothills to see yours. Ha! Yes the periwinkle is Vinca minor. I love it. I thought it would cover the whole hill but I would be weeding for the rest of my life.
The toad has a questionable look on his face doesn't he!

Lapplisor said...

Dear Judy
Spring is a wonderful time to enjoy it.
The pictures of your grandchildren are very charming ..
the little toad feels in your hand with it ;-)
I wish you good results in the knitting projects ...
Take care

Barbara C said...

That's a sweet picture of David with the frog. The expression on his face is priceless.

Linda said...

It looks like Spring has arrived in your area! It was so hot here this past weekend, but today...gray and cold with sprinkles!

I love david and his little reminds me of when my kids would go out to the river bed by our house in the spring and bring back polywogs and frogs!

Ele said...

Dear Judy,

the sings of spring is everywhere...Eastern is coming, here in Bavaria too.
I whish you and your familiy a Happy Easter time

hugs and kisses

Your grandchilds always so charming...;-)

Kathy said...

I enjoy spring, start to see the flowers coming up and starting to open. We had so much rain I'm surprised to see them, thought maybe they all drowned. I think only 3-4 days out of 20 days without rain.

hakucho said...

Those trees are awesome, such a welcomed sight :)