Friday, April 8, 2011

This is April?!

When we woke up yesterday, this is how our flowering plum tree looked!

Snow! On April 7th no less! This is Spring, isn't it?

Remember when you could touch your toes?

Not too much else happening here. Still recuperating from "the bug" and packing up for phase two of the kitchen do-over.


Dorothy said...

We dodged the bullet and only got a little hail. However, there's a lake in our backyard! Get better soon. We've also dodged the crud that's going around - so far!

hakucho said...

The only good thing about snow in April is that it doesn't last long! Feel better real soon and good luck with the rest of the kitchen makeover :)

Kathy A. said...

Ahh - spring is in the air.
Love the phhotos of the little one.
Glad to hear you are recovering well.

Linda said...

I'm sure if we were cold then you are colder! My younger son moved to University's so cute there...the older about 2 minutes away from USD in a condo...pretty view but he has to drive everywhere!

Merry said...

Hope the snow doesn't ruin the plums growing. The flowers are stunning. Touching toes....ouch!! lol

Becca said...

You sure have had a crazy winter this year haven't you? Your pictures are lovely. We are actually cold the last 2 days too, and I even commented to hubby when we woke up & it was in the 40's that this is what Seattle feels like this time of year. Hum...I'd still live there in a second. LOL Hope you get over your "bug" soon...get some rest.

Lynn said...

Not snow!!! Sadly no I can't remember being able to touch my toes. Looking forward to you sharing some of your kitchen redo!

Rian said...

Snow in April, now that is truly amazing. So much for global warming.

Maggie R said...

Love the pictures of the trees in blossom..
We just got rid of another snowfall last week! Global warming "sucks" LOL Oh well we are in Canada here and the weather is never predictable!
I was smiling about touching toes. Yep about that age for me, Now I am happy to get past my knees!!!
You really live in a beautiful part of the country.
Thanks for sharing the lovely photos..

Sharon said...

Our tree has not bloomed yet and yes we had 1 inch of snow. I was heading to bed and looked out at a blizzard. Just shook my head, said my prayers, pulled the covers over my head and went to sleep. I have been suffering from headaches (which I never get)for weeks now. I am sure the weather is the cause. Hope you are feeling better. Love the photo of you reading to the grandkids and their cat. My goodness he is large.

SueR said...

Mother Nature has already played that cruel joke on us once this month! The grands are cute as always! Feel better so you can enjoy the spring weather!

Lynn said...

I remember being dumped on last year at the beginning of May. Our poor tulips were sagging under the weight of the wet snow. I sure hope it doesn't happen again here. Makes for a pretty picture though!

Janet said...

Your tree is just beautiful. I hope the snow did no damage. Good luck with the kitchen redo. Hope you're feeling better.

Crazee4books said...

Hi Judy,

Gosh, I hope that you're feeling
much better now and have gotten
over that nasty bug.

As for the snow, well, that too
should pass ... eventually. We
had a pile of snow on the second
full day of Spring here which
was a terribly cruel thing that
Mother Nature did just because
she could. We've had warmer
temperatures since then and all
our snow is pretty much gone
but it's suppose to get cooler
again this weekend with rain.
Hibernation weather I think.

Your flowering plum tree is
beautiful even if the blossoms
are wearing a coat of snow.

Hope things are rolling along
well with the kitchen reno.
Can't wait to see the final