Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Never a Dull Moment at Our House!

When we got back from the airport last week, we could hear chain saws, and sure enough, our neighbors were having a tree between our house and theirs removed. Too bad David was gone as he would have loved watching. It was a bit scary to see the huge trunk dangling over the neighbor's garage, but this is one tree I'm glad is gone. It was incredibly messy and seemed to drop something all year long. On top of that its pinecones were almost lethal; we called them hand grenades!
Goodbye messy tree!
Then, that night we were just settling down for a long awaited peaceful night when Ginger Cat sailed (literally) into our room, landing with a thud on our bed. Next she started meowing at the ceiling, and it was obvious that she was after something. What looked like a monster, turned out to be a moth that refused to die. We were laughing so hard, and Dick was standing on the bed swatting at the ceiling when the moth fell on the floor within Ginger's reach. She went after it, aided by Dick who put the poor bug out of its misery. But, gee, it would have made short work of my yarn, right?
Guardian of my stashes
Recently Dick called me outside to see this little guy who was way up in one of our pine trees. We decided that his mom sent him off for "time out" as he was gone by the next morning.
It's scary up here!
When we walked down our hill the other evening to get an ice cream cone, we came home past our kids' elementary school only to discover that the contractors have started tearing it down. So, on our next trip down the hill, we brought the camera to record the event. Apparently asbestos was a problem, and the only solution was to rebuild.
Goodbye, Eastgate
So much for the goings on around and about our house and neighborhood. Now I need to get back on track and work on my various projects since we've finally got all the knick knacks back in place and the house is once again "normal" and unfit for babies or toddlers. We really do miss them, though!


Jane said...

You sound just like my sis with the "never a dull moment"... we have a joke between us about all the kooky things that happen to her and we call them "befallings". That moth never stood a chance.
Can't wait to see what you'll be doing now with all your freed up time for stitching.
Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Premio Award over on my blog. Don nmot feel under any obligation to do it, and just the award part, not the meme. You can if you want though. I'm just supposed to let you know.
I very much enjoyed looking at all your pics of family, too bad you can't see them as often as you'd like.

Ich bin ein Fünfzigerjahremädel. said...

Years ago we also had such big tree near the house! We are afraid,because the roots were going under the there is a big birdhouse! ;-)))
Have a nice evening,Ulla