Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bonnets for Sophia

Making these bonnets was a lot of fun. It's a fairly old favorite Fiber Trends pattern (1995) that I've made many times before. The "braid" on this blue one, however, isn't done correctly but looks OK anyhow, I think. The band is decorated with some pre-made ribbon flowers that were in my CQ stash. (Aren't stashes handy?) This yarn was from a Mary Maxim kit which I am making for a great-niece, due in October; I had gambled and ordered the blue and white version. SHE thought differently!
Blue Bonnet
I fell in love with this plum-colored yarn the minute I saw it; it's part soy and is very soft. This time the "braid" part was done correctly and is much prettier as a result. The lovely butterfly is from one of my cyber-friends. Thanks, Kathy! And the other side is my first attempt in a long time on a SRE flower. Plum Bonnet
I can't wait to see Sophia modelling these bonnets!
Butterfly side


Linda said...

They are so pretty - she will look gorgeous in them. Make sure you show us a photo!

Kathy said...

Judy, they are just adorable! Your silk ribbon flower is so cute and dainty. I am happy you found the butterfly useful, goes well with your flower.

Pat said...

What lovely bonnets! and your embellishments are very pretty!

I never would have noticed that the blue braid isn't 'right'!

Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Cat said...

Pretty!!! She'll be the best dressed!

Joyce said...

So pretty!

Lapplisor said...

There is so beautiful caps in style and color…
♥☼♥ Barbara ♥☼♥