Thursday, July 3, 2008


Our house is really quiet today: the kids are back in Chicago and Dick is volunteering at the Group Health hospital in Seattle. All that's left aside from a few crumbs and fingerprints are some great photos that bring back memories.
Carl and Jim SCUBA Diving
Last Saturday Carl invited Jill to bring David down to Aliki to watch him and Jim dive. Sophia stayed at home with us so she could nap, and we could get things together for the afternoon's picnic in our backyard. David had a great time playing in the sand and watching Carl and Jim in their scary SCUBA gear.
Sophia and KJ
The Dawsons, our former neighbors, brought a blue tub along to the picnic since it's really hard to find the small plastic wading pools our kids used. KJ and Sophia thought the tub was just fine and had a great time splashing and pouring.
David is armed!
David,however, had more fun with the squirt guns that the Dawsons also broght along. They are safely tucked away now, waiting to be returned to the Dawsons along with their cooler.
Riding the train in Snoqualmie
On Sunday Dick, Carl, and David went on a "boys only" outing, back to Snoqualmie to ride the train from there to North Bend. The train only runs on weekends and David was mightly disappointed when our trip on Friday didn't include a ride. Opa and Carl remedied that on the return trip.
Oma and Sophia
Sophia often would crawl over to me, put her arms up and "talk" to me; I knew she was asking to be picked up and took every opportunity to do so!

My, how quickly the past two weeks flew by. I know there will be lots of changes in these two little ones before we see them again, but we sure have lots of fun memories to last till then.


Linda said...

Sounds like you've all had a wonderful 2 weeks Judy. You must be very proud of your lovely family. And what a gorgeous photo of you and Sophia!
Very special important to us.
Love Linda x
PS Thank you for being a regular visitor to my blog - I really appreciate your comments. x

Wendy said...

Awwww What a fun time together. And may I say that Sophia has totally stolen my heart. What a beautiful sweetheart she is!!! David and KJ seem like tons of fun as well. It is awesome seeing such a loving and beautiful family enjoying a summer visit together.

Allison Ann Aller said...

What fun you all had together!

It is cool and rainy down here today..always is around the 4th. But next week will return our warm sunshine....

Lapplisor said...

Hello, loves Judy.
You experienced a wonderful time with your grandchildren, how I see.
I saw a very beautiful picture of Sophia and you :-)
I understand that your house now is empty… the run of all things.
The beautiful pictures are there a valuable treasure for you and your man.

Our small family will travel on the next weekend again to Germany… also we to become the silence feel, and is already today a little sad over it…
It is so beautiful to have an intact family.
All love
♥☼♥ Barbara ♥☼♥

Kathy said...

Oh I can imagine how you must miss them. What wonderful pictures of the children and yourself. You should make a little scrapbook for them with the pictures from their visit with you. Something to always cherish.