Tuesday, April 17, 2018

A Few Finishes and Lots of Snow, but None Here!

My thoughts are with those of you who, like my sister, are dealing with this in mid-April! These photos remind me not to complain about our rain. At least that doesn't need shoveling.

This week I worked on something unusual, a few quilt blocks.  Our group is making a quilt for a local hospice. The camera sure picks ups on the inconsistencies in my measuring. Sigh.

This one is called Connector Chain.

I love hearts.  Our blocks are to be red, white, and blue, so I think I need to add some stitching to this one.

This was my first attempt at a Disappearing 9-block and looks a bit wonky. 

Has anyone figured out how to make these diagonal dishcloths "unwonky" on that last corner?  This is the Illuminator pattern, once again.

Spring arrived in our living room this week!  Our hibiscus bloomed; it looks like it's yearning to be outside, but you can see just how wet it is on the deck.  It won't be headed outside for at least a month!  Have a good week.


Caffeine Girl said...

I think I prefer snow to rain, but then, I don't do the shoveling!
I think your quilt blocks are lovely, especially the disappearing one. I am terrible at measuring cloth!

kathy b said...

Judy, thanks for the thoughts! It has to get better soon here. It just has to. My sister reminded me that we put out the hummingbird feeders around Mothers day. One month! That's encouraging.
As for your quilting and for the donation of it, you are wonderful!!!! I dont think your quilt is wonky at all.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Those are some lovely blocks - I will have to add them to my library of blocks to try!

Sharon Massena said...

Rain is not as cold and my heat bills are high enough, thank you. have really been busy and your quilts are very nice. You are too close and can see things no one else will.

Tired Teacher said...

Your quilt blocks do NOT look wonky: I think they look wonderful.

My diagonal dishcloths always have a wonky corner, but thankfully it straightens out in the wash.

Betsy said...

I agree about the rain/snow. We’ve had lots of rain lately and I think it’s much better than shoveling. We did enough of that this winter. Your blocks look great. I’ve tried several methods that people say fixes that weird corner on the dishcloths but I still always end up it a wonky corner.

Anonymous said...

The hibiscus is SO pretty. I'm sure that adds a little spring to the living room.

I bought an orchid for that reason.

We had a bit of snow in the air today. Thankfully, it was too warm for it to lay.

Tanna said...

Your hibiscus is beautiful, Judy! It's longing for spring! ;) I think your quilt squares look great! You'll have to show us the finished quilt. I don't know how to stop the wonky corner on the dishcloth, but if you figure it out, SHARE! Ha! Have a great day. blessings ~ tanna

Araignee said...

It's still too cold here after a blistering weekend. This is just crazy weather. Your quilt blocks are adorable. The disappearing nine patch was one of Daddio's favorites. He loved all that cutting.

karen said...

your wash cloth square looks like mine (love it!) can the snow just stop it already? Love your heart quilt piecing :) :)

Rian Ammerman said...

Whole lotta snow for mid-April! Wonky is really okay .. It’s made by human, not achine!