Tuesday, March 6, 2018

A Few More Finishes ~

How did it get to be March so fast? February flew by so quickly, it makes me wonder if the earth is rotating quicker.  (We were gone to California for a week, so that helped the process.) While we were there, we had a quick visit with Dick's brother and Mary in Palo Alto and, on the other end of the state, an even quicker visit with my sister and Ted in Dana Point.

Our visit began with a surprise rainbow which we saw from our hotel room.

We had fun exploring the sights in the Palo Alto area and visiting the art museum on the Stanford campus.

We watched a beautiful sunset at Dana Point.  Our search for warmth though didn't pan out as most of California was experiencing unusually cold weather that they said originated in the Pacific Northwest of all places.  I did, however, complete a few knitting projects!

All five GK hats are now finished and will be put to good use later this month when we gather as a family.

As requested, here's the link to the above pattern.

I also finished a couple of dishcloths.  The Christmasy one was discovered in the bottom of one of numerous project bags, partially finished.  We had a fun trip this past weekend, but I will share those photos in my next post.  Have a great week!


Betsy said...

I'm glad you're home safely from your travels. My goodness, it's been cold everywhere hasn't it? You did get a lot of knitting done though. I really like the pattern of the speckled dishcloth. Is there a pattern name for it or did you design it yourself? Have a lovely day.

Araignee said...

Brrrr......California cold??? Now that's just crazy.
That line up of hats is adorable!

Anonymous said...

That was a BEAUTIFULLY brilliant rainbow. We got them a lot in Orlando, but they usually weren't that bright.

I love the kiddie hats. Those pom poms are the CUTEST things.

Caffeine Girl said...

I want to retire and visit people! Maybe someday I'll make it to Seattle.

Tired Teacher said...

It sounds like you took the cold with you in your suitcase.

The hats are adorable, and I love the center of the first dishcloth. Can you share the pattern?

Susan said...

You did see some beautiful sights, even if you weren't warm! =) Safe travels on your next venture.

kathy b said...

Love seeing your photos Judy. The sun and water are lovlely. CUTE hats! I see a family photo soon

Tanna said...

What a beautiful rainbow and sunset!! Girl, you were churning out the cute hats and dishcloths! Awesome. Look forward to hearing about your other trip! blessings ~ tanna

karen said...

looks like you were productive while traveling and being on the go. Look at all the hats!! amazing!