Thursday, February 8, 2018

Mystery Solved! And a Finish

Is it possible to have SMS (second mitt syndrome) along with the other issue called SSS?  Well, silly me joined a mystery mitt KAL last month, and now I have a pretty mitt that needs a mate.  However, this little critter gave me some grief, so its friend will just have to wait in time out while I work on some other stuff.

Here's the culprit.  It was good practice on attaching beads with a crochet hook as well as using Vikkel (Estonian) braid on something other than a hat.  While its mate hibernates, I am going to work on some hats for the GK as well as some "what was I thinking" sock KALs.  Here's one hat all finished, and more about the sock projects in another post.

The littlest Miss picked out the pom pom. I'm hoping to finish four more hats for the rest of the GK before our family trip to CO at the end of well as those Sock KALs.  When will I learn?

Remember this?  Well, this over-performing plant now looks like this.  It's going crazy, isn't it? This photo is from a few days ago, and now there are even more blossoms open. Stalk number three is almost as tall as the other two, and hardly has room to open.  Stay tuned.  (And have a great weekend!)


Betsy said...

That mitt is so pretty with the beads and braid. It looks fiddly to me though and Piper's sweater smocking is all the fiddliness this old brain can handle right now! Ha!
That plant is amazing. And look how green your grass is over there on the weat side. We still have months before it's that pretty here.
Cute pompom and a sweet little hat to go with it.
I hope you're having a wonderful afternoon.

kathy b said...

The beaded mitt is lovely Judy! You'll make the match. The soft looking and sweet. I need you to give me a good talking to. Al may be moving to North Carolina and Fireman and I are so sad she's not considering moving closer to home. (WE do NOT tell her that) Troy's sadness is worse than mine. He really took it hard last night. Maybe I just need to get him to a beach! or a golf course! :)

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Cute mitt! And love that pompom!

karen said...

look at that pom pom!!! that is beautiful to add to a perfectly knitted hat. Your mystery mitt is lovely and I love the design wrapping over the hand.

Caffeine Girl said...

I totally understand SMS!
My husband rolls his eyes when I talk about knitting pressure. He clearly isn't a knitter!

Tired Teacher said...

❤️ the gorgeous and ambitious amaryllis!

I don't participate in KALs anymore. I've frogged too many that I attempted over the years.

Araignee said...

What an elegant mitt!

Anonymous said...

LOVE that pink little pom pom.

I think I learned my lesson with KALs --- I never like knitting under a deadline.

Your amarylis is gorgeous!

Tanna said...

It's a good thing I did them both at the same time! LOL! Your first one is beautiful, Judy. You'll get back to it. LOVE the little pom pom hat! So stinkin' cute! Beautiful amaryllis! Have a wonderful weekend! blessings ~ tanna

straythreads said...

What a treat to see something blooming. We have a few more inches of fresh snow. Fun hat and if I were a little kid I would have picked that Pom Pom too. Good luck with the second mitt. Thanks for stopping at my blog I am feeling better after my nap.
Have a great weekend

Mereknits said...

Your amaryllis is so gorgeous. I think SSS is second sock syndrome but for me it is second sleeve syndrome. Good luck on the hats and mitt.

elns said...

What a beautiful bloom! I've never seen that before!

You can definitely have SMS. I had it and I wasn't even trying anything new with technique, but I had struggled to sit down with the second and give it any time. That blue is beautiful and I love that your grand picked out her pom pom hehe. You have a lot of happiness to knit for! Enjoy I can't wait to see it all.

Merry said...

Beautiful mitt, so funny that you are ready to move on to something else and let it hibernate for a while. :-) The lily is beautiful and so many flowers on the one bulb. Interesting there are no leaves as I have similar in our garden but it always has leaves.

Anonymous said...

That is a GORGEOUS amarylis.

Who doesn't love a fluffy pink pom pom. I bought a cream color one and a navy one for hats that I hope to knit soon.