Sunday, July 3, 2016

June Crazies!

Wow, here it is almost the Fourth of July, and I've not posted anything since early June! Well, it's been a bit crazy here.  I had a "significant" birthday, and the unexpected festivities lasted almost 2 weeks!  Jill and Family from Illinois surprised me at the Spaghetti Factory at what was supposed to be a celebration for our son whose birthday is 2 days before mine.

Here are all the grandkids having lunch across from the Locks after a fun morning exploring there and Golden Gardens.

This railroad bridge has to go up to let tall sail boats through.

A few salmon were using the fish ladders much to the kids' delight.

Everyone enjoyed looking for rocks and shells in the tide pools.

I don't think this heron was looking for shells or rocks though!

Later on at the end of the week these two from MN (my sister and her hubby) plus Dick's brother and wife (who managed to escape our camera) were among the guests at a surprise party which I thought was going to be a small family BBQ. ( Yep, I was shocked when I walked in the door with my large bowl of requested potato salad and was greeted by family and friends.  That is one birthday I will never forget!  There even was a photographer, but we've not seen her photos yet.) All six of us had a fun ferry ride one day and explored a bit of the Kitsap Peninsula.  Bob and Mary left for San Diego the following day to attend one of their grand daughter's high school graduation.  Jane and Ted stayed a couple of days longer, and I'll do another post about those adventures soon.  Haven't done much crafting aside from another couple of headbands though.

Apparently this little one has decided headbands are OK as she's finally wearing the one I made at Christmas.  It's a tad large though, so I made her this one in her favorite color.

And this one from leftovers from the one I did for Sophia.  I made both a bit narrower and snugger, however. (It's a quick and easy pattern!)

That's it for now.  I'll be back soon with more about our adventures.  Have a Happy Fourth of July or whatever occasion you happen to be celebrating!


Barbara Curiel said...

A two week celebration of your birthday sounds sublime. I'm glad you had so many wonderful surprises. Happy Birthday!

Tired Teacher said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

I love when family gathers for happy occasions, and hires a professional photographer, too. Everyone will cherish the memories.

kathy b said...

Happy Happy Judy! I wondered where you went! Figured family!
LOVE the headbands. Love that you are loved.

Mereknits said...

Happy Belated Birthday Judy, you deserve all of those birthday surprises.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Judy! I bet all those surprises were FUN!!!!

Have a happy 4th!

Araignee said...

Happy birthday and happy 4th!

Caffeine Girl said...

So glad you were busy with fun! You do have a lovely family.
I had to cancel my Seattle trip, sadly. It turns out my friend from CA won't be able to travel then. She had foot surgery in mid-June and did not realize how long she'd be banned from driving or flying. Next year, we hope!

Cat said...

Happy belated Birthday and happy 4th of July! All sounds great!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! I remember 40 as a real milestone. ;) It looks like your family came out in droves and it was a wonderful celebration!

karen said...

your busyness with travels visitors and life makes me happy!! this is what it is all about. Happy birthday!

elns said...

Happy Birthday! I like how you celebrate! 2 weeks. I think I'll sign up for that celebration plan next year :) What a lovely surprise.

I love that photo of the Heron.

Crazee4books said...

Hello Judy, and belated Happy Birthday wishes from Ontario, Canada!!

Sounds like you had a fabulous two weeks of celebrations with family
and friends. That is wonderful! If we must get older we might as well
have a good time doing it!

Love those head bands though they might be a tad warm to wear at this
time of year but you can't argue with a munchkin when she decides she's
ready to wear it.