Friday, June 10, 2016

Pretty in Pink.......

The garden work continues while the sun shines.  We finally got our water feature going after a year's hiatus. Hopefully, it's sturdy enough to resist the local wildlife!

Lots of plants are blooming now.  Do you notice a color theme here?

Even my most recent finished knitting project was in this color family:

However, there are other colors in the yard, and this one survived the recent 4-legged visitor. (I hope he stays away until the rest of them bloom, too!)

Have a great weekend!  We are celebrating the end of the choir season and a couple of birthdays.


Tired Teacher said...

Your flowers are lovely, and I hope your four-legged friend stays away from your lilies, too.

Araignee said...

I love pink. I bought lots of pretty pink impatiens this year but they are not doing too well at the moment.

kathy b said...

Im still taking comfort iN the CREATION music you sent me Judy.
I love your flowers. Must sacrifice a few to the wildlife I guess!

Mereknits said...

Four legged friends can be a problem! Love your flowers.

Caffeine Girl said...

Pink flowers are the best. When we eventually move, I'm going to have a sunny yard with tons of pink flowers!

Anonymous said...

The flowers are all beautiful!!!!

Enjoy your beautiful spring colors!

Crazee4books said...

Hi Judy,

Cool water feature. We don't have one in our garden yet but we've been
thinking about getting one and considering where we might place it in
our yard. Perhaps near the swing? Want it somewhere where we can
get the most enjoyment out of it.

Our garden pests this year are either the squirrels or the chipmunks.
They keep digging in my flower pots and either scattering dirt all over
or actually ripping out my plants. A neighbour is putting out peanuts
and the squirrels are using our garden to store them for the winter.
I usually consider squirrels and chipmunks cute and fun to watch but
they're abusing our hospitality.

Love all your beautiful flowers. Those are some of my favourite
colours as well though I do make an attempt to chose other colours
as well. Really. I do.


karen said...

your garden is beautiful, and I love the pink theme. We have orange blooming now and of course purples :)

Anonymous said...

How amazing to have so many pink flowers at one time. I love the water feature. Enjoy your summer choir hiatus.

Merry said...

Hi Judy, I am doing a bit of a catch up. The flowers look so pretty and that is a beautiful headband. Thanks for sharing the photos.

Teresa in Music City said...

I LOVE pink and your flowers are gorgeous my friend!!! Those outdoor 4-legged friends can sure take a toll on a garden, can't they? Love your water feature too! We used to have an ornamental pond in our backyard, but we sold that house and decided not to put in one here at this house. Cute pics of your grands in the earlier post. Looks like he is very happy with Square Monster :*)