Monday, May 30, 2016

In the Garden and Not~~~

Look who got up very early in Chicago last week on his birthday to open presents!  The monster arrived safely and was named, Square monster.

Then on another day, he and his sister caught a garden visitor that was later returned to the wild..

We've had our share of garden visitors here, too.  First this guy enjoyed some garden snacks.  Fortunately he couldn't reach the tree roses, but he did his share of snacking on the Heuchera.

At least he left this alone! Update:  Just discovered this morning he's eaten all the rose buds and unopened lilies out front, however. Grrr.....

Sometimes this one likes a private snack and other times is boldly munching out the the open.

Then there's this little fellow who is systematically drilling holes up and down our birch trees with the help of an identical friend: double trouble!

And these two are totally oblivious.  They'd just as soon stay inside, thank you very much. 

 Hope you all had a nice Memorial Day weekend!  See you next time.


Araignee said...

You've got a regular zoo going on!

Tired Teacher said...

A fun post! Critters are fun to watch, and your photos are great. I can tell the deer is thinking, "If I jump, I can reach those tasty leaves."

kathy b said...

Great Monster gift JUDY!!

Anonymous said...

UH OH .....troubles in the garden.

Ginger and Mocha are so cute! You need to feature them on the blog more often.

Looks like David had a very happy birthday!

Janet said...

Love those sweet smiles! Looks like the knitted monster was a hit. You sure have a lot of critters to keep an eye on in the gardens.

karen said...

what happy kids! life is good :) So far none of my woodland creatures are eating anything but it's early in the season!!

elns said...

Happy Kids!

I love all the animals! I'm sorry that a few of them are making a smorgasbord out of your garden, but they are SO cute.

And your cat captions are Purrrfect!

Anonymous said...

Your creatures are certainly coming in multitudes. I guess there are many things about living in damp climates that I never realized, coming from the desert! Nothing ever bothered my roses there, nothing ate my garden, lol, and certainly nothing bothered my cactus!

Teresa in Music City said...

He looks so happy with his new Square Monster! I'd say your place is the happening spot in the neighborhood - you're pretty popular folks :*). We have a couple of woodpeckers too - hoping they don't do serious damage to any of our trees. And love your little furries! Mocha does indeed look a lot like Rocky, although he's not nearly as camera shy - he's become a camera hog in fact! With everything I am hearing about coyotes and other predators coming so close to inhabited areas, I'm glad Rocky and your kitties are happy being indoor pets!

Crazee4books said...

Hello Judy,

The Square Monster and his new friend appear to be getting along nicely.
No doubt they will be having many adventures together this summer.

Well, when it comes to the wild kingdom I guess there's not much we can
do about it but grin and bear it. We don't have deer in our yard but we
do have a rather large bunny who grazes under our bird feeders. And
we have Downy and Hairy woodpeckers regularly at those same feeders
where we provide them with peanuts. Your woodpecker is pretty cool.
Don't have that kind around here.

Our cats are indoor cats too. But they'll hang out by the back door
watching the squirrels and chipmunks run around on the deck. The
darn squirrels dig in our flower pots and make a mess. Do you have
that problem?


Merry said...

Too funny about the cats and the woodpeckers. :-) I see photos of deers and rabbits and I think how cute and fun to have running freely around your place. I forget about the frustration of loosing beautiful flowers etc. Great post.