Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Best Laid Plans~~~

It's been crazier than usual here!  The weather for the past couple of weeks has been wonderful with the yard screaming for attention; we've had company a couple of times, and then just on Sunday our littlest GD broke her collar bone.  So, yesterday we were in Seattle helping out.  And oh yeah, on Sunday we had a big choir concert as the major part of the church service. Whew!

Monday, a week ago, my sorority sister, Connie, visited, and we enjoyed the day together. In the afternoon we went to the Panama Hotel for tea.  If you've read The Hotel on Bitter and Sweet, you'll recognize that name.

Then on Thursday, instead of our normal stuff, we spent the day with our friends from Virginia, who left for Alaska on Sunday. It was another beautiful day, so we took the ferry to Bainbridge Island.  Of course, we stopped at Mora's for ice cream and Churchmouse Yarn and Tea! As we left Seattle behind, we had a great view of the city and the Space Needle.

I was especially excited to see all the Allium in full bloom.

And Mount Rainier was out in all its glory, too.

Meanwhile, back home, our flowers are also putting on a show.  Out front the Rhododendron is blooming and trying to out shine the Mollis azalea.

And in the back the Golden Chain tree is raining petals, and the Korean Dogwood is filled with blooms.  (There's lots of raking in my future, I think!)

Inside, Ginger has claimed the leftovers from the Monster project and was using it as a pillow until Dick took the photo.

That is the strangest yarn; sometimes it looks gray, sometimes green, and in the photo below, blue. It's really blue-grey.

The other project that was finished was fun to do.  It is a kit that includes the cat's body parts which are sewn on at the end. There were other animal choices as well as a cat.  So this is what's been going on here; I still have a sweater to sew together, but that will keep till another day.

And one last picture of Miss Stella wearing her new hat and much happier than she was yesterday. Poor little tyke!

Heal quickly Missy!  And the rest of you have an awesome week.


Anonymous said...

Oh poor Stella. Fortunately kids DO heal quickly.

Cute projects. Love the little monster. He's adorable!


Araignee said...

You are a busy bee!

Tired Teacher said...

Wow, your choir is impressive! I can only imagine how wonderful it sounds.

I love the book, Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet. Do they allow you to explore the hotel?

Great knitting project finishes. I hope Stella heals quickly. Little bones mend quicker than older ones, that's for sure.

Caffeine Girl said...

Oh, your poor granddaughter. My daughter broke her arm when she was little, and I still remember how she cried!
I am loving all your pix of Seattle and looking forward to seeing them -- and you! -- in July!

kathy b said...

Stella! Like zach breaking the collar bone. It is a common break. Perhaps the most common break.
His is like new again except for a noticeable bump.
He went to Physical therapy and it was very helpful.

Love your cat scarf! Love your photos of the gorgeous scenery.

What flavor ice cream may I ask!???

Anonymous said...

You HAVE been busy. I read that book! I had to write test questions on it. LOL I enjoyed it quite a lot, which can't be said for every book I have to read and test. I wondered at the time if the hotel was still there. That's super to know it is. The weather was VERY cooperative, such beautiful shots of Seattle's skyline and the mountain. The last time I was there, March of 2005, the weather was equally beautiful, and it would almost make one imagine it's time to move there ... on THOSE days. LOL Don't you just mow the petals with the rest of the yard? That's the way we do it here!

Crazee4books said...

Hello Judy

Oh, poor little Stella!! How on earth did she break her collar bone?

Wow! Your mass choir looks amazing! We attended our Georgetown
choir's performance of "Give Our Regards to Broadway" two weeks ago
and it was grand! They did a great selection of show tunes and the
church where it was held was packed!

I have read "The Hotel on Bitter and Sweet and know exactly which
hotel you're talking about. I would love to have the opportunity to
go there for tea and explore the place ... if they'd allow it. Bet it
was fascinating.

Bainbridge Island looked lovely. Ocean and mountains ... you can't
loose with a combination like that. And those Allium are amazing!
So beautiful.

We're expecting a nice, warm and sunny long weekend here this
weekend which is nice because last weekend ... on Sunday ... it
snowed!! Yes. Snow! Couldn't believe it. My DH was out mowing
the lawn because he's stubborn that way and you could barely see
him through the flakes. Hopefully that will be the last of it.

Ginger looks quite comfortable and right at home on your wool.
Don't you just love cats and the way that they make themselves
comfortable right where you don't want them to be?


Mereknits said...

Other than poor Stella sounds like you have been having a wonderful time. I would love to visit that area again it sure is beautiful.

karen said...

oh I do hope your granddaughter heals super fast and gets to resume kid activity! lovely photos of what you have been up to and of course your knitting projects :)

elns said...

I'm sorry your grand daughter broke her collarbone! Eegads!

You have been busy though it looks like there has definitely been some fun times going on! Your knitting looks great. The four legged friend scarf is awesome. And your cat is a cutie!

Merry said...

Wow, what a busy life but amazing sights you see. I hope Stella is still on the mend. Love that cat scarf, so clever. The sound from the choir and orchestra must have been awesome. Thanks for sharing all those beautiful photos.