Thursday, July 21, 2016

Catching Up!

By now, you may be wondering what's happened to me! I've NOT been watching television but have been spending lots of time outside in the yard.  We were gone last weekend to the Tri-Cities (Richland, Pasco, and Kennewick for you non-natives) in search of a little warmth.  And we did find some!  We also had fun walking along the Columbia River on the Sacajawea Trail.

Before we left for home, we visited the Sacajawea Museum which was very interesting.  Did you know she was only 17 when she joined the Lewis and Clark expedition? She died of an infection shortly after the birth of her second child, a daughter, at the age of 25.

The museum is located at the confluence of the Snake and Columbia Rivers.  How would you like to try navigating the river in this?

Today we felt rewarded when we saw this Stargazer Lily finally open one of its buds.  And yes, it was finally warmer here!

I've been knitting on some long term projects which I hope will be off the needles soon.  Two August birthdays are spurring me on!  Meanwhile, I've finished another headband.  It's such a fun pattern and doesn't require a whole lot of yarn.

Mocha likes to supervise my knitting. I thinks she's saying, "Can't you knit faster?"

The Chicago family checked in today, too.  They spent a fun day at Six Flags yesterday. They look pretty happy, don't they? (Thanks for the photos, Michael!)

I'd rather try to paddle the dug-out than ride this thing! (Goliath roller coaster)

It's official now.  We are a one car family for the first time in almost 50 years.  Our second Mazda is on its way as a donation to KUOW, the local NPR station.  Our Mazdas served us well, the last two for twenty years each!  One of these days I'll get around to posting the flower pictures.......  Have a great weekend!


Teresa in Music City said...

We've definitely missed you - so glad to see you've been having fun, even if it was without us :*)
Great pics of this kids!!! And I'm with you - you couldn't pay me to get on that ride! And I probably would have died rather than get in that canoe back in the day too LOL!!! Mocha is so beautiful! She looks so sweet :*)

Tired Teacher said...

Ironic that you travelled to be warmer, and I recently travelled to the mountains to be cool.

Love the photos.

kathy b said...

One car family!!! My goal!!!
LOve the canoes, prefer them to roller coasters too!
Your family looks so BIG! THey are all growing up.
Fun to see how your summer of family and friends is shaping up.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe how fast your grandchildren are growing. I remember when Sophia was just a BABY!!!!! I think you have mentioned it before ...time really DOES fly!

I am wondering if we DO move to St. Augustine, if WE can go down to one car.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Lots going on! I never go on Toller coasters! My Nana used to knit us all headbands...and we still have them (she has been gone 20 years now). A quick and easy gift that is appreciated. Cheers!

Araignee said...

I went on a coaster once and thought I was going to die. Never again. Your family looks like they are having a ball though. Good for them. I wish I was fearless!

Dar said...

Nice pictures of your family and glad you have been doing fun things. It's funny to hear that you went someplace to get warmer weather. We would be doing the opposite here. I really like the color of the yarn you used in the headband.

karen said...

we are going back to a three car family since our son needs one at his graduate school in the fall! Lovely photos, and that museum sounds so cool!!

Crazee4books said...

Hi Judy,

Nice to see that you and your DH are enjoying your summer ... although it
sounds as though you've been having cooler temperatures. Well, if you'd
like we can perhaps arrange to send you some of our unrelentingly hot,
dry weather and you can send us some of your coolness. No charge.

I would love to visit the museum and walk those trails beside the Columbia
River but you wouldn't get me in one of those dug out canoes. My knees
are aching just looking at them. They're a lot longer then I expected them
to be.

I wouldn't be keen on that roller coaster either. I don't do amusement
park rides. Nope. Don't care for 'em at all.

That Stargazer Lilly is beautiful!! Wow!

And Mocha is a sweetie!