Saturday, February 22, 2014

Still Stitchin"

Even though my wayward yarn arrived, I've not made a lot of progress with the Downton shawl.  It takes forever to get across a row, and I was easily distracted by some very good news. My daughter told me that little Audrey had been approved to come home! (Many thanks to those of you who prayed for her.) I think she weighs over seven pounds now, which is amazing considering how very tiny she was when she was born.

So, I ordered some bright angora yarn and made some "welcome home" booties.  Catherine picked them up this morning when she and Max paid us a visit, so Audrey will get them tomorrow.

This week I also finished two more of the Veranda Views designs.  Just three more to go! That's good because our quilt group decided on a new project, one that will take some time. Now, back to work on another row of those 400+ stitches; it's slow going.


Cranberry Morning said...

What wonderful news that little Audrey (love the name!) can come home. The color of that shawl is gorgeous. You knitting machine!! :-)

Dee said...

Great news about Audrey. I'm sure those little booties will be just adorable on her.

kathy b said...

God Bless Audrey!! Hooray hooray hooray!

Debra Spincic said...

Great news Judy!

Janet said...

Very good news! The booties are a sweet gift.

Wendy said...

So good to hear that little Audrey is doing well enough to come the blue you are using for this lovely shawl...400 stitches is a lot of stitches to be making...

Nancy said...

Great news! The booties are adorable!

Nancy Kay said...

Good news indeed! Way to go on that shawl; 400 stitches is a LONG row. Love the little booties; they are tiny and adorable. The 2 scenes you stitched are really cute too. So sweet! Thanks for the smile.

karen said...

lovely progress on both projects :)

Charlene ♥ SC said...

I'm sure everyone is happy that the wee one is coming home... and those pink booties are gorgeous!! Also love the cross stitched heart ones below!

Crazee4books said...

Hi Judy,

Oh, that's wonderful news about Audrey!!!
I'll bet her parents are thrilled ... and perhaps
a bit nervous? Those booties are adorable
and will keep Audrey's little toes warm and
cozy. I love the colour!!!! And they're so
fuzzy I swear I could feel them through the
computer screen!!!

Love the colour of your Downton Shawl too.
Good luck with it and the alpaca wool. Is
it really 400 + stitches per row?? Yikes!!!!

Your Veranda Views squares are so cute!!
They'll look fabulous in the quilt.

Hope Stella liked her new shoes. And they
fit her okay.

Is your snow gone now??


SueR said...

Looked up the Downton Abbey shawl on Ravelry--an ambitious project. Look forward to seeing it develop. I started a Knit Swirl--665 stitches to cast on. Argh!