Thursday, September 9, 2010

Socks and More

Socks are fun to knit, at least the first one of a pair is. I always have a hard time completing the second sock, for some reason. But, I was determined to get these done so I could start some new ones.

This pair is made from Kaffe Fasset yarn (Regia). I love his colorways in yarn and fabric too.

Socks That Rock has the best color choices~~~too many to choose from, that's for sure. This one is called Dutch Canyon and is Anne Hanson's pattern for Port Ludlow socks. The name intrigued me because that is where our daughter's former Girl Scout leader retired, and it turns out that there was a big knitting confab in that town last year.

Dick likes all cotton socks, so I thought I'd try knitting some. It was harder than I expected, and I'm not thrilled with the way they turned out, but Dick's a good sport and says he likes them.

What would a month be without a dishcloth? This yarn color is called Gumdrop. Isn't that fun? Ever since a friend told me about the "mistake rib," I've wanted to try that stitch. So I cast on 45 stitches (multiple of 4+1)and gave it a whirl. It's not square, but I like it.

That pile of knitting UFOs is getting smaller! (Never fear, there are UFO quilts and cross stitch projects waiting in the wings......)


Anonymous said...

I really LIKE Dick's socks. They look great.

The other ones are pretty nice too.

Susan said...

The socks look great... I will have to think about making Lem some cotton ones.

Sharon said...

You really are talented. I want lessons.!!!!

Lynn said...

I love the colours in that first pair. They all look great!

Marcy said...

What beautiful colors! I especially like the first pair.

Plays with Needles said...

Oh, please don't give up on cotton socks! I am allergic to wool yet love to knit socks...there just aren't very many alternatives for us cotton sock lovers. I'm hoping you'll find a great substitute yarn and then I can copy you. I haven't found it yet. The Kaffe socks are my fave. Too bad they're wool...*sniff

Janet said...

Your socks look terrific! Love the colors in the striped pair. I've knit several "first" socks but find it harder to finish the pair. What is it about that second sock? The gumdrop colors in your dishcloth are so cheerful.

Lapplisor said...

Dear Judy
Today I had to read with you very much beautifuly...
You've done wonderful trips -
I am grateful for the many interesting pictures.
Your three grandchildren are to be regarded always as sweet!
I congratulate David for the start of kindergarten.
Judy, you are able wonderful handicrafts.
Even the Christmas Sampler is growing very well.
I hope that I can back out now attend regularly.
Have a good weekend.
All the best

Cranberry Morning said...

Those are gorgeous!! I just learned to knit a couple winters ago, and at that time did a dozen or so hats. Then once spring came, I was gardening, so got out of the knitting mode. I need to get back into knitting again this winter, and love the look of those socks, but I am scared of the 'turning the heel' part. I do love all the brilliant colors!
Thanks for the book suggestion. I will look into it! :-)

Linda said...

Oh...I love all your socks and the dishcloth is great...I love the colors of the gumdrop yarn. That would look great on one of my Sweedish Weaving blankets...what is it made of and what company?

Kathy... said...

All the socks are fantastic! I agree, socks are fun to knit, but I never suffer from SSS. For some VERY strange reason, I enjoy knitting sock #2 more than the first one. I think it is perhaps that I have worked out all the bugs, and know the exact outcome of the sock. And Hopefully, I like the expected outcome. :) Have a good weekend!

Barbara C said...

What great looking socks. I hear you about Second Sock Syndrome. I just finished sock #2 of a pair I started last year.

Your cotton socks are lovely, but I'm sure knitting with cotton yarn wasn't as tactile as nice stretchy wool.

SueR said...

The middle pair of socks with the cable-y design is just gorgeous. I love the dishcloth too. How come you didn't like the cotton pair? I think they look good--I like them too.